TSM Episode 94: Urbanity

No Longer in Development by LucasArts

Download: Produced 2013.04.07

Microsoft decides to focus only on the wealthy elite, much to the chagrin of staff members like SiliconNooB who are forced, through the circumstances of rural habitation, to depend entirely upon semaphor. Meanwhile, Imitanis sleeps through the podcast.


  1. I dunno, all I hear the new S-E’s CEO saying with those words is “We’re going to focus on social, web browser and iOS crap more than ever because that makes us the most money.” Be sure to expect a “remake” of FFVI for iOS with those awful, awful sprites they’ve been recycling from Dimensions. FFV deserved better dammit!

  2. I did not like the loading times on PS1 Chrono Trigger. Even if they weren’t long, their existence compared to *none* on the SNES seems unnecessary if you have the option (but it’s not like the deformed GBA FFVI). If you’ve never played it before though, do it any way you can; there is no *bad version.* By the way, I started it up again just before the playthrough was announced, like I did with the FFXII and VI playthroughs. A pattern has appeared…

  3. @Epy: That’s my fear. “We’re going to focus on what works best,” basically boils down to “We’re going to do what makes the most money.” You know. Like E.A. And that’s worked well.

    @M.D.: I think if one has played the SNES or DS version recently, and then switches to the PS1 version, sure, there may be a problem. But I also think that if enough time passes, one can reach a point where the PS1 version is innocuous enough.

    But ultimately, play the DS version. I cannot say this strongly enough.

  4. So what exactly are the benefits of the DS version over the PSN version? Other than supposed loading times of course.

    Also, very excited for for the playthrough of my favourite JRPG later in the year.

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