TSM Episode 95: Shoefag

At the other end of the shoe: another shoefag, providing details on the latest footwear sales.
A Shoefag

Download: Produced 2013.04.14

Lusipurr is almost unintelligible thanks to the lack of a boom on his microphone; Blitzmage and KillswitchTool spend the entire podcast laughing at euphemisms, and SiliconNooB praises the Iron Lady for her manifold contributions to humanity.


  1. Listening to this, I’m picturing all of you sat around a table, talking. But Lusipurr is so small that he’s standing ON the table, in his little suit and bow tie, waving his arms as he reads from a sheet under his feet that is larger than he is.

  2. Actually Lusipurr is 1000 feet tall so he was really, REALLY far away.

  3. Luspirr, the Babysitter of the largest 13 year old boys in the world.

  4. It’s okay to use the Shoe F-word if you are one. It’s embarassing when you’re listening to the podcast with Shoe F-words nearby and you’re not one. By the way, nice shoes on the slider picture. I assume they’re not Blitzshoe’s.

  5. Good lord, NO! I am not seen outside with such cloth based footwear. I wear nothing but the finest 10k solid gold shoes!

  6. Blitzmage was not wrong about the final boss of Ni No Kuni. Good job spoiling that for everyone, Pierson.

  7. @Zoltan: There are no spoilers at Lusipurr.com! It is IMPOSSIBLE for Shoefag to spoil thing.

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