1. Che slowly rose, his coat’s interior soaked with the sweat of his tense body. The battle raged about him with no sign of letting up. He pressed his back against the uncomfortable orangeness of the chair pile- he’d been in worse situations than this, but not often. Yet there was something different about this time. Perhaps it was the thrill of strife, the seductive mechanical whirlwind of robots and people and people-who-had-killed-robots…he wasn’t sure, but it certainly aroused his attention. With baited breath he raised the camera to his face – ‘Yes, yes…’ he thought, ‘that’s how I like it.’

  2. Let’s see… SN’s beating off a Wank, Ethos is handling a long pole between a man’s legs, I think that’s James preparing to get penetrated by Zoltan’s curved dagger, while a man in a trenchcoat is taking pictures of all this. But Kendra, you have such a good shot at him, with no uncomfortable orange chairs between you, and what seems like a nice, comfy chair to rest for a bit while you ponder your next move. Did you stop in the midst of battle to draw this? It looks great though.

  3. Just you wait! As is appropriate in these sorts of situations, I have no doubt built a giant mecha with which to CRUSH YOU ALL.

  4. @MT: Alas, he’s slipping out of reach. I don’t dare pull on his cape in case he brings the chair mountain crumbling down on top of me.
    @Lusipurr: What makes you think we didn’t take care of that Mecha? You left it in the garage to rust!

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