TSM Episode 96: JRTGamer

Are they merely JRT skeptics, or do they collude in the international assault upon the industry?

Download: Produced 2013.04.21

It has been a rough week for Lusipurr! Following the battle at the Lusipurr.com offices, his podcast is crashed by Sabin, Paws, Ethnic Man, and Mr. Taciturn. Nevertheless, our dauntless hero forges ahead against the villainous supporters of the JRT!


  1. I can not tell if the slider is a current screenshot of RPGamer or if it is from fifteen years ago. Also, for somebody who has big time boners for Japan, Chris should commit seppuku for not knowing about the JRT.

  2. People not knowing about the JRT is almost as bad as the JRT itself!

  3. We have long known that Chris is both an uncritical consumer and an enabler, so does this come as a surprise to anyone?

  4. Gaming moments up front has left me disoriented and angry.

    LOL, Anna Marie’s plug for Dragon Fantasy really doesn’t make me want to run out and buy it, hey?

    GBA games are going to look wonderful when they’re all stretched out on the Wii U!

    Cat Fancy are so fucking thick – the Bathesda development team aren’t going to be working Shinji Mikami’s game, as he’s got his own Japanese development studio working on it.

  5. Wow. You guys are a fine lot of asshats. No wonder the only comments below a story come from the staff.

  6. @Mark: Well-spotted, Mark! We appreciate every comment we receive–even those from potato-heads and mongoloids like yourself!

  7. @Mel: And that is why you have your OWN (very own, for you and no one else) theme tune!

  8. As classy as that absurd avatar of yours, no doubt Julian. Matched only by your gentlemanly assertions of everyone else’s views and opinions, of course. I’d say more, but I have to go masturbate whilst looking at pictures of furries. Bye bye! ^.^

  9. Oh–whilst I’m putting my giant butt plug back in, I wanted to add: do stop making cameos on RPGamer. Since we’re all such unsavory, unsophisticated swine, surely you would do better to turn your attentions towards a show deserving of your high standards. Perhaps Kotaku would entertain the notion of a podcast with your fine line up.

  10. Oh no! An angry, mentally retarded, autistic person with an internet connexion has demanded that I stop doing something! I’d sure better pay attention or else–nothing at all. That’s what. Or else nothing at all.

  11. I’m not even sure what he’s so butthurt about. Lusi, tell me in all caps, should I care what he’s butthurt about?

  12. Mark is just projecting his blood-guilt.

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