Editorial: Moving Day

You look great here, Ethan.
A picture of me moving that a friend took.

Let me be honest, LusiGoatCheeses, sometimes the topics for my articles are a little improvised. Sometimes I just fish out whatever has been on my mind for the majority of the week, plop it in as the title and try to stuff in some barely-relevant text about games in the body. This probably comes as a major shock to my dedicated readers, but after over one hundred reviews and editorials on this magnificent website and about three thousand other projects constantly on the go, one begins to allow for some juxtaposition in the inspiration of one’s articles.

This editorial is one such makeshift article. But it is exciting, is it not? (Wow, that sentence sounds awkward. I really wish I could have used contractions to make it sound natural (also, I am aware that these snide parentheses drastically reduce the chance of the contraction restriction being lifted)). There is something about an article gone rogue that makes the adrenaline pump. Or I think so at least. But enough stalling to fill up my word count and on to the barely-relevant-to-gaming garbage I am about to try to pass off as acceptable.

Tomorrow I move, LusiBankAccounts. And as Lusipurr has pointed out to me, I move all the time. It does not feel that often to me, but I suppose that people my age who live in the city that I know have had similar experiences. It appears to be the mid-twenties urban experience to move approximately once a year. But the plan and hope is to settle for a little longer this time. I found a very nice apartment with my girlfriend in an excellent location, so the idea is not to move in a year.

Along with this idea – and believe it or not, I am leading up to talking about games eventually – I am trying to separate my bedroom from my office. With my computer currently in my room, it turns out that I neither work nor sleep very well. I am not under the delusion that moving my computer to a common space will make me magically more productive or rid me of my chronic insomnia, but it is the right first step.

Also to all of my enemies.
I wrote this letter to all of my friends.

And this is where gaming comes in. I am very excited for my move because I believe it is going to drastically improve my gaming habits. I have written more than one article talking about how I have grown frustrated with the way I have been gaming the past few years and I believe it is closely tied to my issue with my bedroom office. Trying to play games with my current setup just does not work. I am sitting on my bed, so on one hand, I feel like I should be trying to sleep soon. But I am also using my computer monitor and sitting right beside my desk which makes me feel guilty for not working on projects like LFoPD. Games should be an activity I revel in. Sure, they provide escape sometimes, but that is necessary also. Trying to combine everything in one space just makes it such that nothing gets done well.

Hopefully having a healthier relationship with my favourite pastime is one thing I am looking forward to, but the second benefit is the fact that I am moving in with somebody who shares my love of gaming. Being able to play games together – either joining to play the same game or playing two concurrently – will be such a boon to the way I view gaming.

Quick sidenote. Does not it seem strange that “boon” is a synonym for “benefit”? Does not it seem like a word that should mean the opposite? Does not it sound supremely awkward for me to continue to say “does not it”?

How many words is that now? Just over six hundred? Ugh. Guys, I admit, I have been stressed and distracted with my moving day and I lost a bag containing my netbook computer, three notebooks filled with work on creative projects (luckily anything LFoPD-related had already been transcribed to the cloud), my copy of Blood Meridian and my second PSPGo that was gifted to me by my girlfriend. I am usually fairly blasé over lost or stolen possessions, but this time really got to me. So I apologize for this poor excuse of an editorial. I did not even have the frame of mind to request a week off.

But I love you, LusiFiletMignons, and I will write about games until the day I die. Even if that means that sometimes I churn out the bulliest and shittiest shit that ever bullshitted. But enough about me. Like….WAY enough about me. What are you guys up to? What are you thinking about? What are you playing? Let us chat in the comments!


  1. I suppose boon sounds similar to bane, but boon is related through French to the Latin element bene-. It always seemed like a positive word to me, anyway.

    And contractions are for written dialogue, I tell this all the time to the other members of my writer’s workshop group. They never listen!

    Also, my setup is such that I have my computer and consoles in one room and my bed and a small older TV in another. I personally don’t have a problem with insomnia, but I would imagine designating a room only for sleep might help, as you noted. And you sit on your bed to play games? My back hurts just thinking about it. Silly Ethos.

  2. Ethos, I love your clothes in that picture: the very definition of sartorial elegance.

  3. @Lusi – It was not unintentional and I’m glad you noticed.

  4. Wait a minute! I thought you didn’t have girlfriend because Oliver was your boyfriend. What’s going on here?

  5. So, in other words, he ain’t got no love fo’ da hos.

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