Editorial: One More Time

This is my chance to sorta replicate the experience.
I never owned a SNES

Huh? Yeah? See that? How I used the word “time” in my editorial title? I AM THE PARAGON OF CLEVER!

That is correct, LusiDouches, I am back from my fortnight vacation and ready to re-barrage you all with my endless piles of pretentious sappy shit. I will not even ask if you missed me because I do not want to find out that nobody noticed I was gone.

Anyhoo, as has become tradition, my editorial has the honour of kicking off yet another Lusipurr.com playthrough. My fondness for these playthroughs has grown to a full-blown love. The sense of community as we all gather to play through games in my favourite genre is rare and valuable. Not only because many of my gamer friends do not play RPGs, but also because I played through so many of these games without an online community, so I view it as an exciting second chance to play these games as if for the first time.

And in some cases that is true. I had never played Wild Arms before and I have never completed Chrono Trigger. In fact, although I have certainly sunk more than five hours into my most ambitious playthrough of Chrono Trigger it is still the first title I think of when I bring up Quinitialitis. I do not want to know the number of times I have played through the opening few hours with excitement and awe before ditching it with complete apathy.

Chrono Trigger is a game that I have always wanted to love as much as the community appears to, but I find it difficult. Most of the praise I hear about the game causes me confusion. I find the soundtrack to be underwhelming despite a few bright spots, I find most of the writing cringe-worthy, and while I find the opening to be exciting and charming, the game does not continue the feeling for me.

One of the scenes I’m very familiar with.

But do not get me wrong, LusiTimeTravelers, I truly hope to have my mind changed. I used to be lukewarm on Final Fantasy VI, but one time it just clicked for me and it shot up the ranks of my favourite Final Fantasy games. Learning to love Chrono Trigger instead of just having a dull detached fondness for it would only mean I have more games to appreciate and I see that as a good thing.

I am optimistic about this playthrough for a few reasons. The first is that it has been quite some time since I have attempted to beat Chrono Trigger. It used to be such that I would give it a try a number of times every year. This exhausted me on the parts I was familiar with and while I will still have memories of the opening five hours, I expect it to be a friendly familiarity and not annoying repetition. The second is the fact that I will be playing the DS version. Not only because – as Lusipurr has noted on multiple occasions – it is the definitive version, but because I have a much easier time playing through older RPGs on a handheld. Whether or not it makes sense, I prefer to level up in turn-based battles on the go or in bed. My most successful Final Fantasy VI playthroughs were on my PSPGos. Yes, that is plural on purpose. Yes, they were both stolen. Yes, I will likely still get a third. Yes, it will probably also get stolen. Yes, I love the system that much. Yes, I am the only one.

Anyhoo, there is a final reason why I am excited and optimistic for this playthrough attempt. And that is because of how my move into my new apartment has improved my gaming habits. I hoped and expected that removing my PS3 and computer from my room would make it such that I would play more video games, and it has been a success so far. I continue to work on LFoPD, spend time with my girlfriend, and work on whatever weepy tart shit I distract myself with, all while also finding time to play hours of video games that I have not been doing the past few years. It is awesome. I want Chrono Trigger to ride this wave.

Anyway, you all just read over seven hundred words that said absolutely nothing, so the joke is on you. You all must be so happy that I am back! But please, while main discussion about the game should take place in the official playthrough thread, feel free to chime in about your expectations about the game in the comments below. Are you in the same boat as me, or are you part of the chorus that declares the game to be one of the very best? LET ME KNOW.


  1. Start your goddamned playthrough you lazy sonuvabitch!


  2. I was actually going to mention that thing about the pictures, but then I was too lazy to.

  3. “My most successful Final Fantasy VI playthroughs were on my PSPGos. Yes, that is plural on purpose. Yes, they were both stolen. Yes, I will likely still get a third. Yes, it will probably also get stolen. Yes, I love the system that much. Yes, I am the only one.”

    Do you ever get the sense that the world is trying to tell you something?

  4. @SN – “Yes, it will probably also get stolen.”

    @Lusipurr – I aim to disappoint. Hard.

  5. I don’t understand why REMOVING consoles from your room helped you play more games.

    Anyway, I don’t know what to tell you. The soundtrack was excellent through and through to me. The charm lasted the entire game for me as well. I love the dual and triple techs. I agree about the writing though. I hope you learn to like it this time.

  6. Because when they’re in the same room I neither sleep well nor game well.

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