Editorial: Spoiled: Edition One

Whadda douche
Look at this spoiled asshole.

Hello LusiVapids. I am exhausted. I worked all weekend for this horrible event called the MMVAs which is one of the few things on Canadian cable that gets thrown any money and as such it is glossy and superficial and void of any meaning. Also it means I have to work long days. Even my day off yesterday just served as a way to finally clean myself and my clothes and essentially become a functional hygienic human again. I have barely had time to work on my own video game, much less truly dive into the three billion that I own.

So for these times, I have created a new series. I am sick of pulling half-premises out of my ass, so for weeks like these when I do not have anything interesting to say, I am going to cover all the little half-thoughts I have and compile them in one spot. I am calling it “Spoiled” because how rich-white-kid of me is it to have so many games that I find it difficult to talk about just one at length? It may be a cop-out, but at least I am not trying to pretend otherwise anymore. And at least I have never done something like this before. Anyway.

Borderlands 2

This was on sale, so I picked it up. I never beat the first one and I have finally come to terms that I am never going to beat a lot of games that I used to convince myself that I would, and that actually made this purchase easier. The first half of RPGs tend to be my favourite, especially when I am only in like with a game and not in love, so Borderlands 2 is hitting the spot for a quick fix when I do not want to get into anything else.

Ni no Kuni

Beat this, finally. It is tempting to go after the platinum trophy, but seeing as I am only at twenty three per cent and that is after fifty hours and the credits rolling, I doubt that will happen. It was a charming title with many strong points and I liked it enough to beat it, but it has not wedged itself into my heart. Maybe as a project for my Holiday Hibernation.

Look at that motherfucker
Honestly, this goddamned dragon.

Fuck, I got excited

Just when I become disillusioned enough with the industry to stop watching press conferences and get excited for unreleased games, E3 2013 had to come along. Final Fantasy XV might end up being trash and I am certainly not looking forward to the dialogue, but holy shit fuck does that world and do those enemies ever look awesome. Kingdom Hearts III – as SiliconNooB so accurately pointed out in either an article or comment (I do not remember) – was announced too early even by Squeenix’s standards which means it is another decade before we see that title, but even with that knowledge and the four billion spinoffs of varying quality, I cannot help but get giddy at the thought.

Also, all the multiplayer platformers from Nintendo, while certainly not life-changing, look like a complete blast to play with my girlfriend as we have already beat the two console Mario sidescrollers together and are waiting for new content. Although in the meantime…

Naughty Dog

She has been playing through the Uncharted series and although I am just watching, it is only my second time experiencing the series and it is still the high point of acting in a video game. Of course not everybody has the technology or money to invest in the motion-capture technology that Naughty Dog does, and I imagine that literally blocking out the scenes with all the actors cannot be feasible for every studio, but wow it is ever effective. I have not had much interest in The Last of Us because I was burnt out on Uncharted and it felt like just a clone to me, but I am not sure if that is entirely the case anymore. I am still skeptical of the hyperbole, but remembering how well Naughty Dog does dialogue in addition to my girlfriend’s hype for the game (the genre is far more up her alley than mine) has made me more curious than before.

Well that is it. That is all my thoughts on gaming this week. I have still been playing Animal Crossing and it is still the best and I could still never explain the reasons why to anybody, but there is nothing else to say about it. What about you, LusiCrackers? What has been on your little gamer mind this week?


  1. I worked all weekend for this horrible event called the MMVAs…

    Horrible event?
    But Ethos…Billy Talent was there!


    But beyond that, yes, FFXV has thrown a Phoenix Down on my interest once more. Now we just get to wait and see if it actually manages to satisfy the expectations raised at E3.

  2. As someone who just finished The Last of Us, and who was a pretty big fan of the Uncharted series, I can say that the two are not very similar. The control scheme is totally reworked and the acting is even better. There’s a HUGE emphasis on stealth (and it works really well) as well as resource management, but it’s not too challenging, imo. There’s also no huge set pieces filled with climbing puzzles or wacky explosions that put you into crazy “escape for your life” situations… ok there’s maybe two or three of those. But it’s a long game. It took me 23 hours to finish it on normal and it felt way longer than that.

    But where it counts, things stay the same. I’m speaking of Naughty Dog’s much under-lauded abilities for subtle player direction. Where some games might have a giant arrow pointing in the direction to go (even if that arrow is cleverly worked into the game, like in Dead Space… or not worked in at ALL, like in Bioshock Infinite) ND usually gives subtle environmental cues telling you what’s important. Like a strip of bright yellow caution tape flapping above the area you have to climb up to. They usually highlight things in natural ways that draw your attention without breaking the “immersion” (there’s that buzzword!).

    The one negative I can say about the game is the total break of tension when you’re sneaking and your AI partner (or partners) decide to run out in front of an enemy, clomping around in plain sight, and it goes unnoticed. But I’d rather deal with that visual annoyance than actually go detected by the enemy because my AI partner is an intellectual marshmallow.

  3. I now realize I didn’t touch on the AMAZING story. In particular, it’s delivery is very affecting. Perhaps the most impressive I’ve seen in a game, ever.

  4. @Mel: One of my friends is stuck on the ‘Wizard’ in The Last of Us, whatever that means.

  5. There’s no one named wizard, or who even seems like a wizard in that game, so I have no idea what he’s stuck on. There’s a level with a *blizzard* that’s a bit challenging, towards the end.

  6. I wish you could write articles about something other than video games entirely… but this is fine too. It must be hard coming up with a relevant article weekly when you don’t even have time to play games. I’d like to read an article about Canada if you could write one, because living in the sweltering heat of South Florida I get a dreamwish every summer about visiting or moving up there. It usually goes away by the end of September, but sure enough comes back every June.

    You’re not spoiled if you work hard to earn the money to afford games that you only play half of, in addition to an apartment and food and girlfriend and such. Some people spend excessive monies on drinks, smokes, or shoes, so consider it a benign addiction as you chase the dragon which is never quite fulfilling.

    I’ve only played a little bit of Ni No Kuni. It reminded me of Dragon Quest IX alot, which is about what I expected out of the gameplay. Add to it the lovely Ghibli visuals and music and it’s a good little game. I think many of us wanted it to be an instant classic which restored our faith in JRPGs; maybe the timing was wrong for it because our needs and expectations were different than what it was. If you would be happy about “company who made the last couple Dragon Quests meets company that made The Cat Returns and Tales From Earthsea“, then it’s a pretty good game, instead of expecting like “Sakaguchi meets Miyazaki.”

    FFXV looks pretty good. I agree about the dialogue, and Noctis appears to be a melodramtic character which doesn’t reassure me any, but maybe they can develop him well. My only major disappointment with XIII was the awful dialogue – hopefully that issue will be addressed.

  7. I just played through the opening of The Last of Us, and all I have to say is FUCK YOU, NAUGHTY DOG! ;_;

  8. Oh man, that opening. I played up to the prologue again, and that bit still hits like a moose.

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