Castle Lusipurr #87: The End

And he doesn't even say goodbye? Guess he never was very chatty. Speaking of not very chatty people, I don't think Oliver's been robotised, I think they've just stuck him in here.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

This is it. This is where I’m destined to live out the rest of my days. In a broom cupboard with ex-staff members. And yet, I’m oddly content. It may just be a side effect of having my brain, torso and hands replaced with machinated alternatives, but I’m content. And isn’t that what is all about?

Maybe I’ll see you in the future if they cart me out for special features, but either way, thanks for sticking around.



  1. Yes, really.

    Come now, do you honestly think they could be properly reintegrated into society after working here? It’s for their own good. And, in any case, they are happy* now.

    That’s the end, folks. There’s no more! As Podcast listeners know, we’re looking to hire a new Comic Artist, so who knows what lies in future?

  2. What a way to end, the old gang back together, turned into robots and trapped in a broom closet! (fun fan fact: Oliver isn’t being held against his will; they found him there in the first place, hanging out alone and in the dark!)

  3. Root Beer King didn’t make the cut, huh?

  4. @Jahan
    How dare you utter that name, you dirty whore!!!

  5. Boy, did Bod turn out to be kind of a jerk or what? I’ll have to reread the series over again to see if there’s foreshadowing for that. And I hope some day we’ll learn what happened to the others in the final battle – just thinking about all those orange chairs is uncomfortable enough, so it couldn’t have been pretty.

  6. I would like to believe that Bod has been recording data on each potential member of staff he planned on robotasizing. He must have been hiding a clipboard under his shirt all that time!

  7. You know, I had in mind my own Bod theory, but I kinda like the ideas you guys have much better :p

  8. @James: I am a gryme-covered whore whereas you are a gyme-covered bagel. . . Damn it. Mine is worse!

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