TSM Episode 108: Play with Me in the Forest

Not shown in this footage: gameplay.
Early gameplay footage of Play with Me in the Forest (from Monobrow Products Ltd.)

Download: Produced 2013.07.14

By popular reader demand, Lusipurr hastily assembles an old-school Cat Fancy reunion. Sabin and Noodle guest-star, alongside Lusipurr.com staff members old and new–though a technical fault prevents the presence of the otherwise redoubtable SiliconNooB.


  1. I’m pretty sure Monobrow just made an Emperor’s New Groove reference. Full marks.

  2. Holy cow, it really -is- an oldschool Cat Fancy cast! Thanks for arranging it! Perhaps by extension this was one of the brightest, most upbeat shows since the early SLM/MAP days, and I really enjoyed listening.

    I have to side with Lusi on this one, ‘Chip Hop’ is one of those made up words that makes me want to beat someone with a dictionary.

    It’s neat hearing you speak Japanese Zoltan. Someday I’d like to know how you came to live in Japan.

  3. I’ve wanted to live here since I was age 17. So after I got sick of all the annoying people, I found the quickest way I could to come here. That was teaching English as a second language, of course. Now I am here trying to make my transition into having my own business instead of working for someone else.

    That was a fun episode, indeed. Monobrow is definitely a fun edition to the show. I can’t wait to see what she writes. The addition of Chris Privitere could only have been better if SiliconNoob. Those guys get funny together.

  4. I think part of the trick to a good podcast is simply to have a largish panel, and to make sure the people selected want to participate.

    Howver, the unique leadership methods employed at the site generally work against one or both factors.

  5. How about something like Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story or Xenoblade for the next play-through?

  6. Or maybe some of the smaller PC games available on Steam? Defender’s Quest and Sequence are both pretty good and neither are exceptionally long. Legend of Grimrock is great too.

  7. Have you guys never heard of Desert Bus for Hope? It’s a great event that The Loading Ready Run guys do yearly in late November to raise money for Child’s Play. They marathon the game and do sketches and improv entertainment for several straight days. I totally recommend it.
    Here’s their site: http://desertbus.org/

  8. @DA: Yes, I’ve heard of Desert Bus for hope–we actually read all about it after we heard about the game.

    LoadingReadyRun is a great group. Graham Stark and Paul Saunders are very funny and occasionally brilliant. Their weekly news programme, CheckPoint, is almost uniformly exceptional.

  9. I think that living in Japan would be absolutely brilliant.

    Millions of people who can’t speak the same language as me – perfection.

  10. I’m willing to be groped a little on the train for that particular mercy!

  11. They only grope school girls Julian. Although, with their vision problem, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they make mistakes.

  12. I was curious what the intended translation of the Lusipurr.com seal was. I asked my sister about it (she’s studied some Latin) and her best guess was something along the lines of “Behold Lusipurr Magnificent of faith, cat of the shadows” is that pretty close?

  13. @DA: The seal perimter and the banner are separate from each other. The banner (Feles Umbrarum) simply means ‘cat of the shadows’, and is a Latin rendering of Cait Sith. Your sister got that part correct.

    The seal itself (Ecce Magnificentia Fidei) has Magnificentia which is in the nominative, therefore it (and not Lusipurr, which is merely at the bottom for the sake of aesthetics, and not because it is part of the motto–no doubt a design choice that confused your sister) must be the subject, with Fidei obviously in the genetive. Hence the correct translation is “Behold the magnificence of faith.”

    It’s worth noting that ‘ecce magnificentia fidei’ is taken from my family’s blazon.

    Edit: I suppose one could consider Lusipurr to be a subordinate (potentially relative) clause, in which case it is the intended object of the demonstrative Ecce, and would serve as the locus of the magnificence of faith, rendered in English by a colon thus: Behold the magnificence of faith: Lusipurr.

  14. Okay, thank you. That’s very informative. The latter translation is pretty hilarious.

  15. @Zoltan: How did you learn Japanese? How long did it take to become familiar with katakana? I’ve also heard something to the effect that gaijin have to acquire a work permit to live in Japan that lasts roughly three years, then has to be renewed in order to maintain residency. Is there any truth to that?

  16. I took classes at my university. Just write them all on flash cards and practice them all several times a day and you’ll probably have it down Ina week or two. I did hiragana before katakana. My kanji totally sucks though. Hahaha. It doesn’t have to be a work permit. You need some sort of visa though. You can get one through a job, through having family in Japan, and probably a few other ways as well. Yes it does have to renewed. Mine were often just for one year. But now I have citizenship so I can do whatever I want now. YES!

    Are you interested in coming over here?

  17. Thanks for the detailed response, Zoltan. I’m afraid university study is out of the question with my financial situation. The fact that I live on the edge of civilization does me little favors in that regard either. Any future attempts I make will likely be one of those lousy ‘teach yourself at home’ studies, which will afford me any number of ways to make an ass of myself when I encounter an actual native Japanese speaker. I’d love to migrate to Japan someday, but I have little in the way to offer an already crowded society, so at best I can only hope for a handful of visits. I ask mostly out of curiosity and a genuine interest. And I thank you again for humoring me. I’m glad you managed to attain residency there, you truly are living the dream. Mine at least! :)

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