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Hello readers, I have joined! For reasons I hope are less to do with some kind of cruel experiment and more to do with an earnest evaluation of my potential, I have been hired by Lusipurr. What wrongness will I commit? It remains to be seen, which is why you are compelled to read on! My time reading the site spans back to the salad days of RPGamer and the old Q and A column. Lusipurr’s presence in the column and in the podcast at Cat Fancy always caught my interest and when I learned he had created his own website I was all over it. Eventually entered my daily rotation of gaming news sites and the small community meant a closer connection to the authors. From there, I was hooked.

Of course I would not be reading sites like this if I did not have a strong interest in video games. My older brother did a lot to introduce me to them. He got the NES and later the SNES for Christmas, after all. I still have his old back issues of Nintendo Power on a shelf. My passion grew noticeably throughout middle school when my friends and I would gather around a small CRT television set and play Nintendo 64 party games, the likes of Super Smash Bros., Perfect Dark, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. From there, into high school and as the Internet bloomed, I began to take a deeper and deeper interest in video games. I got my very own Gamecube for Christmas, that I did not have to share, and I began to learn more about the games released for it. I would learn more about the industry itself through the early fan sites which grew into the major news sites we see today. The buzz of new release info for an anticipated game and the bustle of the Electronics Entertainment Expo would become as much a part of video games as the games themselves. Raised on the drip feed of five dollars for lunch as an allowance during high school, as well as the typical gift giving occasions like birthdays, I had to curb my growing appetite for games. Until, of course, I went to college and got a job.

Today I enjoy games concurrently across no less than six gaming systems, all plugged in an operational. My smallest library, for my new 3DS, already has five games. The largest of those six has over fifty. The backlog, unsurprisingly and perhaps sympathetically, is more than I care to think of. But I have started the vast majority of the games I own. Over the last two years I have migrated to PC gaming, indeed in many cases I have re-bought old games on Steam for the PC simply to consolidate my available library onto one device. The advantages to this are probably best discussed elsewhere, but it has left me in a curious position regarding consoles. Are they still worth it? I am sure I will find out as the next round from Microsoft and Sony hit shelves soon, but for now I think I can say I have the field covered.

So with that, I hope to add something special to This is my first step into the content creator side of things as well as journalism as a whole. I eagerly await your comments, avid reader. Even you. Especially you!


  1. What wrongness will I commit?

    You’ll have to try hard if you want to distinguish yourself from Sabin!

  2. There he is! You’re such a good sport, Mel. I just know you’re going to keep getting righter and righter.

  3. Then I guess we’d best make hay while the sun yet shines! ^_^

  4. Let us welcome the newest golden age of

  5. Great to have you aboard, Mel and congratulations on being the catalyst of the new Lusipurr golden age (?).

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