TSM Episode 111: Deep Backward Square Leg

For left-handed batsmen, all of the positions are horizontally inverted.
Cricket Fielding Positions for Right-Handed Batsmen

Download: Produced 2013.08.04

As the Ashes contest resumes in England at Old Trafford, the panel takes an educational turn, querying the purpose and meaning of Nightwatchmen, Silly Mid-Offs, Follow-Ons, and Fine Legs. Lusipurr obliges the natural curiosity with a helpful diagram.


  1. Perhaps part of the xbone’s app story (or whatever the phrase they used was) is being able to control the explosion of your console, therein getting an explosive device with relatively little fuss.

  2. Ghaleon’s old voice remains one of my favorites of all time. And Lunar remains the defining RPG of my youth, and lead me to reading Lord of the Rings. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers it fondly.

  3. If this podcast has an expiration date like MAP then we’re about two months away from starting podcast version three.

  4. It’s a real shame that Nintendo is being so awful these days. I really do think that Nintendo makes great games, and aside from PC, I do most gaming on Nintendo consoles. I don’t know if you guys listen to the Rooster Teeth Podcasts but they do a gaming one and often show game footage while discussing a game. They’ve recently decided to not spend much (if any) time on Nintendo games because they can’t show any footage without having the video version pulled from Youtube. Nintendo is actively killing their own publicity from people who WANT to tell potential customers how awesome their games are. It’s so dumb. I would love to be able to get a Wii U, but I just can’t justify it for the ridiculous price and terrible service. At least the 3DS is getting some really great games out.

  5. It would be pretty great if the podcast posts could include links to the news stories that you discussed. Not everything you cover is from this site, and the news story titles on the site are often not descriptive of every news story contained therein.

  6. @DA: It’s a good idea, but would probably be somewhat time-consuming to implement, especially when we run the show without notes.

    I’ll see what we can do, though. (Warning: probably nothing.)

  7. Fair enough. Maybe one of your shiny new staff members could do it?

  8. @DA: I’ve got them working on other things, as you shall soon see. REVIEWS FORTHCOMING.

  9. Sometimes on the podcast you mention time-frames for staff posts. What are the expectations for Lusiployees? I’d expect that to be on the application (so I looked) but you have a rather non-standard application.

  10. If I may, we are expected to write a post for a specified day, once a week. About one thousand words for editorials.

  11. Here’s what we really need. Someone who’s been a staff writer for a while needs to do an insider story about the inner workings of the Lusimpire.

  12. God damn! That was a good podcast.

    I’ve got to say, cricket became infinitely more interesting to me when I found out that the field is 360 degrees and there are no bounds. That’s genius.

    I like how Lusipurr shut down the idea of hiring a web developer, no matter how amazing they are, if their favorite game is mobile.

  13. Nnoooo! Monday mornings are way worse without TSM to get the day going!

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