Music: My Friends May All Be Dead

All the sashimi you can eat!
Celes on the beach at Solitary Island

Remix: My Friends May All Be Dead
Source: Final Fantasy VI: Searching for Friends
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Celes has just spent days hand-feeding a bed-ridden Cid fish after fish that she caught, herself, from the beach just outside their small shelter. However, despite her desperate efforts to nurse him back to health, Cid has passed away. Celes now sits on the beach, staring at the waves, contemplating whether or not to climb up to the top of the cliff that looms over her and jump to her death. She is stranded on a small island with no way off of it, no source of fresh water, and no human companions. Celes stands up, still facing the waves, and before she can turn around she hears the sound of footsteps in the sand. Celes quickly looks behind her to see a man wearing a bandana. It is Locke! And he is holding a guitar. He begins playing it, sending Celes’s spirits soaring. After a verse and a hug, Edgar shows up and he has a guitar, too! Locke’s lonely melody becomes a duet that celebrates their unlikely reunion. Celes listens and looks on in tears of joy. No sooner do Locke and Edgar finish their tune than the rest of the party shows up in an airship! Everyone is reunited and they all celebrate with music. Locke and Edgar play guitars. Shadow has an electric bass guitar connected to an amplifier that Terra has hooked up to a suit of MagiTek Armor. Setzer plays a single hi-hat cymbal while he waits for his drum techs, Sabin and Umaro, to bring out the rest of the kit. Mog and Gogo become the dancers. Gau and Cyan are working the bar on the airship and Relm is bringing everyone their drinks on the beach. Everyone is back together again and ready to restore balance to their ruined world. Except Strago because he sucks.


  1. A very chill piece, it made for easy listening on this cool summer Sunday.

  2. I honestly don’t see what makes Ice Cap Zone so popular.

    @Mel: Glad you liked it. Although you were able to chill out with it, I feel like it is very dramatic because I can totally see Celestial sitting on that beach thinking about killing herself before the first guitar comes in. And even after there are two guitar parts, I imagine that she is crying still. Only when the cymbal comes in do I actually feel like there is nothing to worry about.

  3. Ugh. That is supposed to say Celes, not Celestial.

  4. Thanks, Dean. So, are you a king or a knight?

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