TSM Episode 113: The Intellectual Life

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan / A stately pleasure-dome decree...
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England follow up retaining the Ashes by winning the Ashes, much to the delight of Lusipurr and the chagrin of SiliconNooB. However, sports rivalries are eventually set aside in favour of a discussion about intellectual pursuits and Hamburger Helper.


  1. Of course I’ve played FF7!!!
    I’m not working for RPGamer :p

    Although currently I’m working my way through Persona 3.

    And I was thinking, if I ever was hired here, my nickname would be something like RunescapeBoy or something, wouldn’t it??
    I should’ve never brought it up :(

  2. I think Nintendo needs to stop talking about their own console for a while. Just let everyone forget about the Wii U until the winter season games hit and there’s actually something to play. Constantly reminding people of their failing system is a pretty terrible strategy.

    How long was it before the 3DS was price dropped? I got it when that happened and there were no good games on it even at that point. That winter a ton of good games dropped and now there’s loads of good stuff on the system. The Wii U really needs that double whammy.

    At what point can Nintendo no longer save their own system? If they don’t turn it around by January is the thing just dead in the water? I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the industry when this kind of thing happened to the Dreamcast. When is the thing officially dead?

  3. Nintendo is in a very different situation than Sega was in with the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast itself was not in an entirely untenable situation, but after successive hardware failures Sega did not have the resources to continue fighting this battle.

  4. On the subject of complicated things requiring a dedication to enjoy, I think it might be more apt to say they require dedication to fully appreciate. I caught on to classical music simply because of how impressive it seemed. My attraction to it and enjoyment of it was pretty instant, from what I recall. However, I haven’t really made the time to fully learn about the music, its composers or the things that make classical music so revered. I simply like it on a casual level.

  5. I grew up with classical music and have always enjoyed it. But it takes a dedication to truly appreciate. A good piece of music is a life-long relationship that reveals more of itself the harder you look. Growing up, I liked it, but it felt removed. As if the mere fact that it was composed so long ago meant it had to sit at a distance and didn’t have too much relevance for me. Now I feel like I understand Beethoven and Bach, or at least feel closer to them in spirit, than most – if not all – living musicians today.

  6. Ah. Phillip Glass. And I’m getting images of me listening to ‘Einsten on the Beach: Knee Play 1’ for the longest time trying to figure out what was being said in the background. There’s a harmony in the rhythm of the speakers that keeps your attention. Certainly better than that self-aggrandizing ‘nails on a blackboard’ serialist crap Schoenberg tried to push on us back in the 20th century.

    While I certainly hold the Deutch masters in high regard, I admit to loving, and singing, lots of Gilbert and Sullivan. (And no, Mass Effect had nothing to do with it.) And I am going to be a completely shameless self-promoter to link my Youtube page that has several of my recordings for your approval. They’re not all good, but I’m still learning how to properly record and put on the internet.

    Now then, onto the rest of the podcast.

    It seems that the things Nintendo does and what it needs to do is a common litany. Not just on this podcast. Despite the doom and gloom, no one, and I’m serious, no one wants Nintendo to fail. They brought the game industry out of the crash and they’ve made great franchises. It’s just that the decisions they make seem to be so conservative to the point where they believe they can brute force their way to success. It doesn’t work that way, Iwata.

    And all the talk about Cable made me realize that I haven’t seen a tv show on tv in years. Yes, years. Screw cable. I recall, in the 90s, a commercial basically showing a bleak landscape, calling it ‘Life without Cable’ and I was fooled because it was because of cable I was able to watch MST3K when it on Comedy Central.

    Now? I don’t think we’ll be missing out on much if we were to lose it.

  7. I’d argue that brute force is precisely what Nintendo needs to adopt in order to save the Wii U. Brute force is what Sony is using by pricing the PS4 so competitively and making M$ jump through every hoop they throw their way, while Iwata continues trying to sleepwalk his way to success.

  8. By ‘Brute Force’, I was thinking along the lines of completely and utterly unwilling to change their tactics in order to achieve victory, but I see what you mean.

  9. The PS4 launch rumour has proved to be false – the legit launch date is November 15.

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