TSM Episode 114: Corporal Punishment

I look upon each new student as a gift--an opportunity to get my arm back into form for bowling.
Ah, happy days…

Download: Produced 2013.08.25

England battle it out in London at The Oval, despite the weather, Australian Captain Clarke, and the laments of SiliconNooB (all-rounder-at-large). Imitanis dozes quietly whilst Lusipurr recites the most stirring piece of verse in his sizeable repertoire.


  1. Is TSM going to be rebooted after 120 episodes like MAP was? That’s a scant 6 episodes off.

  2. And near the end of the film, David Tennant arrives in a blue box and David Duchovney shouts “I WAS RIGHT”.

  3. And David Letterman can point and say random words as though they were a punch-line!

  4. NO FREAKING WAY! You rerecorded the intro and outro! It sounds 1000% better. Great job! Does that mean you finally got a boom stand for the microphone?

  5. @Zoltan: I’m amazed someone noticed.

    No, I leaned over the desk and recorded it as I record all of the podcasts. It took a tonne of takes, as SN can attest (he was listening to me re-record it).

    Even then, I had to do quite a bit of audio editing, and the recording is still not where I’d like it to be. But, it’ll do for now.

  6. Thank you for being great.
    But also I’m not 100%, but am pretty sure that Peggle 2 and Garden Warfare are purely timed exclusives.
    Only time will tell.

  7. Eric J, you are great.

    And, unlike everything else I say around here, I mean that.

  8. Ya know, for all the stupid David Cage showed us when his latest game, whateverit’scalledIdon’tcare, I was more than convinced that he had far more cause to the accusations of pedophilia with how much he was verbally slobbering over Ellen Paige, another no-name celebrity whom neither know nor care about.

    I mean, he’s like that director that actually was confirmed to be a committed pedo, but his name escapes me and it wouldn’t bother me all that much if I forgot him.

    Still, I find the idea of beating him with riding crops and pelting him with rotten tomatoes most appealing.

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