Music: A Wizard Has Died

Pay no attention to the title of the song. It's a spoiler.
The semi-brutal puzzle/adventure game by The Legendary Zoltan

Original Composition: A Wizard Has Died
Featured In: The Hegg

This is my final contribution to It was created with far less realistic-sounding orchestra samples than my previous works for the site. This is appropriate because it was composed for a video game that utilizes cute RPG Maker VX Ace sprites. It is a somewhat brutal puzzle/adventure game that I created, myself, called The Hegg. This music was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and Super Castlevania IV. I am quite happy with the sound I was able to create using such old samples. I think this is the kind of music that is appropriate for this website and I hope that everyone enjoys this final piece.

I really enjoyed working at I just want to emphasize to the readership that, if you have ever considered working at this site, you should definitely apply. The benefits far outweigh the workload. One really ought to be satisfied with just learning about what exactly is involved in running a site like this and the experience of working in the field of gaming journalism. However, there is so much more value to be gleaned if one is able to notice it and is open-minded to it. I believe that the exceptionally well-educated opinions of people like Lusipurr and SiliconNoob are a rarity in the world today, and I am just grateful to have been able to experience the kind of community that Lusipurr is striving to create here. I think the people who worked here for just one week and left missed a great opportunity. I plan to continue being a regular visitor of I thank the staff for putting up with me and I thank the readers for listening to my music. See you in the comments section!


  1. Bye, Mel. You are such a good addition to the site. You suit well. I hope you stay for a long time.

  2. The best one was Jaforn. Sounds like the name of a chronic wanker, though. Hahaha.

  3. I think you’re right, Epyon. I was cool once, wasn’t I? Thanks. I’ll still be around.

  4. Jahan will now take to the streets of Japan in his “Remember the Enola Gay” shirt, intimidating the little guys into giving him money to continue making covers of video game music. GOOD LUCK!

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