Editorial: Surviving the Anticipation

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot
This game is going to be absolutely massive.

Ah, September is here at last. Most of my fellow Americans are excited for cooler weather and the return of American football, but not me. Living in Arizona, I do not get the luxury of cooler weather until sometime in late November, if I am lucky. As for football, I can think of many other things that I would rather do than watch hours of the sport, one of which involves a long stick and my asshole. I look forward to September because, for me, it brings the height of anticipation with it. Summer always brings a long drought in terms on new releases, and this year was no exception, but now that September is here, I can attempt to prepare myself for the onslaught that is October and November.

With Grand Theft Auto V, Pokémon X/Y, and the PlayStation 4 all set to release in the next three months, it is shaping up to be a huge fourth quarter, not just for me, but for millions of gamers. The most difficult part of the lead up to an anticipated game’s release is not inundating myself with every morsel of news about the game. With every video game site having a preview article, this can be easier said than done. While I did my best to avoid Pokemon X/Y news for as long as possible, the announcement of mega evolutions made me crack. Grand Theft Auto V has been a similar beast, but I do not have the same self-imposed ban on news, mainly because such a ban would have chained me to CatFancy for a few months.

In an effort to take my mind off the impending releases, I have begun to play one of the many games I have yet to conquer, Persona 3 Portable. P3P has proven to be a great choice for me as it is a game that requires many hours to complete, and has the added bonus of collecting personas in an attempt to fill my personadex…er, I mean, my compendium. As much as I am enjoying my time with Persona 3 Portable, I fear that it may fall by the wayside once I get my hands on Pokémon X/Y. I may be just a bit late jumping on the Persona bandwagon, but they truly are great games for people who enjoy JRPGs. The added bonus of having them all available for the PS Vita is fantastic as they translate well to the handheld.

Persona 3 Protagonist Evoker Art
Persona 3 Portable is a fantastic game, but it will probably lose to Pokemon in October.

Grand Theft Auto V and Pokémon X/Y are huge releases, but they pale in comparison to the November release of the PS4 and the Xbone. All the tactics in the world would fail at insulating a gamer from the deluge of next-gen console news. While I do not plan to join the PlayStation 4 army at launch, I can not help but get a bit caught up in all the hype that is going on. The release of new consoles is always exciting, but I am most looking forward to the fallout of everything that has happened over the last nine months. It is fun to read the news articles and make premature predictions, but the true enjoyment will come late this year. Between Nintendo’s failures, Microsoft’s u-turns, and Sony’s trolling, the stage has been set for some November excitement, and not the kind I would normally expect to kick off a pair of console launches.

October and November have been favored months for triple-a titles for quite a while now. With Christmas just around the corner, developers strive to get their title to the market with enough time to build momentum. Although gamers are punished with yearly releases like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, it does not mean all fourth-quarter releases are repetitive bullshit. The holiday season has become the time for large developers to either shock or disappoint, and this year is no exception.

The anticipation for a game can strike at anytime during the year. I find it hits me the hardest during these later months because of all the titles lined up. As any gamer knows, some years present more difficult waiting games that others. This year is proving to be one of those years for me, but I take solace in knowing that my anticipated titles are weeks, not months, away. In the mean time, I’m going to kick back and try to power through Persona 3 Portable while other people go insane.

What are some of the titles you are looking forward to the most this holiday season? Do you have any tactics you employ to make the wait seem more bearable or do you have extreme patience? Lastly, what game(or console) were you hyped up the most leading up to its release?


  1. I also will not be buying the PS4 at launch. I really don’t have any interest in it right now, because all of the PS4 titles I’m interested in (Guilty Gear Xrd and MGSV) are also announced for the PS3 that I already have.

    That’s not to say I’m not interested in any games right now. On the contrary, there’s a glut of fantastic games that I want coming out soon. Pokemon X, Etrian Odyssey: Untold, A Link Between Worlds, Ys: Memories of Celceta and Phoenix Wright 5… The list goes on and on. I fear I will be penniless by the end of the year!

    I think I will spend the time between now and Pokemon X by transferring all of my old Pokemon from the older games to White 2, to prepare for the transfer to X.

  2. I can say that if money were no object, I would be buying a PS4 at launch. I am pretty excited for the console, and I never replaced my dead PS3 because I had figured I would be buying a PS4 soon enough (I will likely try to get a Vita either right before or right after I get this).

    As I have been pretty much confined to my pc, and I for the most part want to save my money for the eventual purchase of a PS4, I am actually going to try to get into older games for the immediate future (unless I decide to take the FFXIV plunge), with Borderlands 2 headlining that list.

  3. You know I’m getting a PS4 at launch. Being able to play XIV without having to pay for the upgrade from PS3 to PS4 was a big deal to me, but more important still is the ability to use the remote play features of the Vita with the PS4.

    That said, it is not November (with the PS4 launch) that has me excited, but rather October (which will see the launch of Pokemon, of course). For me, that is the biggest release of the year, and what I am excited about most of all.

    Now I must go put some more time into White 2 before X comes out!

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