TSM 118: Oh, Canada! (Oh Yeah)

...now surpassed. Is FFXIV a fourteen out of five experience?
An eleven out of five experience.

Download: Produced 2013.09.22

Lusipurr is in a hurry to play some more Final Fantasy XIV in his meagre free time, and so he instructs SiliconNooB and Gyme to roll all of their collected news stories into a giant news Katamari. Then, the panel gives away games to attentive listeners!


  1. FFXIV question here: Does sending a friend request/searching for a player only work when someone is online? I have had no luck attempting to add the lusipurr.com users (I tried last night, with no success… though I did get up to level 16). The game does continue to be fantastic. I would want a free copy of Dragon Fantasy Book II, but I don’t have a PS3 anymore.

  2. Wow. mentioned in three episodes in a row! Thanks for the shout-out!
    It sure does seem like we do have weekly arguments in the podcast thread, but I don’t really have much to take issue with this week aside from the pointless cursing. It doesn’t really add any value for me, but I’m sure someone is enjoying it, probably yourselves.

    I’m looking forward to see what happens when you do the podcast reboot (if you do).

  3. @DiceAdmiral: Someone has to take over Mel’s old role as No. 1 Commenter!

    Final Fantasy XIV does require your target friend to be online when you try to add them to your friend list. If you want to be added, and no one is around, comment here and someone will log in and add you (if possible).

  4. @Lusi: “Wrong again, DiceAdmiral!” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though. You’ll have to come up with something new and catchy.

  5. @DA: How about ‘Fuck a shitloaf, DiceEnsign!’

    Not quite as family-friendly, though, as you may have noticed.

  6. Meh, you’ll have to do better than that. You didn’t even apply the lowest rank.

  7. The podcast reboot will be entitled Fuck Shit Cunts: The Cockcast. No swearing.

  8. It’s just one sad case after another in the game industry, it seems.

    And considering your admonition to NOT go into academia, I would imagine it has to do with the absurd amount of work you’re expected to do for a pittance compared to what the heads of the school are making?

    As for games, I am indulging myself in the only good game to come out for iOS; Infinity Blade… but only because it was made by a local studio and I know one of the guys that works there. Despite the stupid In-App purchases for in-game currency, it’s probably one of the few games that gets touch screen controls right!

  9. I quite enjoyed the new “Katamari” news format. It was also nice to get another cricket update, it’s always appreciated.

  10. I would personally love to acquiesce, Savante, but I get the impression that the lack of Liles is not due to any unwillingness on our part.

  11. Really… Well maybe I missed a podcast or two along the way that explained things. I was always under the impression everything was good between everyone…

    The fact no other site staff have commented about this nearly 24 hours later after my post is interesting. Whatever the issue (or lack of there of) is not my business. Would just love to hear Nate make fart sounds again for several minutes and call Oliver’s answering machine a couple dozen times leaving messages. It never gets old.

  12. Yes it does. Yes it did. Yes it will. You don’t need to bring back the anti-humor. The show is vastly superior without it.

  13. @Savante:
    You write, “The fact no other site staff have commented about this nearly 24 hours later after my post is interesting.”

    1) You are reading way too much into things. We don’t have a lot of site staff, and one of them is away on medical leave. One replied to you. The others (myself inclusive) live very busy lives. Our silence doesn’t imply some deep, dark secret. We’re just busy, and your comment didn’t seem to require further response after what SN said.

    2) Bup’s absence is down to the exact same reason that he left the site: he is very busy. I speak to him almost daily in some form or another and when he can be on the podcast, he is. Unfortunately, that is fairly seldom. My very busy schedule and his very busy schedule seldom combine in such a way that we are both free at the same time.

  14. I enjoy the minimal chaos that bring chris when he talks about things that Lusipurr doesnt like. He reminds me of the Lusipurr in the rpgcast when he was the one bringing chaos in some form :D . I miss nate liles also, but the ones that I miss the most are Ethos and oliver, too bad the time is the culprit also :/

  15. Oliver is always too stoned to attend podcasts. It would take an intravention to get him back on, because he’s gone, dude.

  16. @Ferchu – As for me, while I’m certainly not my favourite panelist, I have found a small workaround that will allow me to be on the podcast (sorta) starting this week.

  17. Ethan is a fantastic panelist, and we should all consider ourselves happy to have him when we can, because he is not only incredibly busy with his own career, but also with developing ‘Lusipurr’s Fountain of Perpetuaual Disappointment’. [which is set to be unveiled soon]

  18. Bah-ahaha, we can NEVER trust anything that douchebag says! Hey Ethan! Where’s Journey to Castle Lusipurr?!

  19. My god, I cant believe I forgot Ginia, she is in my top 5, easy .

    I have to say that while the cricket is growing on me, I want England to lose in the next ashes :D

    Tales of the Miiverse is awesome xD .

    I dont understand Microsoft, they are talking again about the power of the cloud and the improved graphics it can deliver .

  20. Now how on earth did I manage to put a comma in ‘want’? Silly, drunk SiliconN00B.

  21. @DA: We have our own engine and our own programming. This is not some sort of RPGmaker file.

  22. @lusipurr

    Thank you for your response. I apologize if my previous comment came off as a form of attack or whatever.

    I haven’t laughed so hard during a podcast than during some of yours Lusipurr. Nate happened to have been there during many of those moments, and I didn’t always catch every podcast so I never understood, until now, why Nate vanished. I had assumed it was because the chaos constantly interrupted what you wanted to accomplish so you canned him, in fact I think there was one pod cast where you indeed dropped him from the podcast and that was that.

    Carry on ladies and gentlemen. You’re doing a fine job.

  23. @Savante: Ah, that’ll do it. He’s been on a few podcasts since, and usually when he is here he is in a great hurry because his time is so limited. This is what comes of living la vida nightclub.

    But we have some special guests this week, so stay tuned. And more free games!

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