1. I haven’t even started listening to the Megaphone yet and I’m already bristling with excitement! Lovely choice of picture, caption, description and tags!

  2. I want one of Lusi’s 3 games!!!!

    Good to hear the podcast in total disarray this week. Lusipurr you’ll be saddened I backed my first kickstarter…but only cause it was my friend’s game. And I’ve played early builds.

  3. I was 2/3 of the way through the podcast pasting links to the topics into a post and then my browser crashed and lost it. Maybe next week.

  4. I’m not going to listen to the entire podcast again to do something that could be done by a staff member in the time it takes to listen to the podcast.

  5. This podcast was great, really nice to hear chris craziness in the podcast. You people make my work go really fast :D .

  6. @Runescape: What would be the point of sucking up, or any other form of butt kissing, boot licking, or cow towing? It would be more fun to go along with a joke :D

  7. Also, great podcast guys!! Keep it up!!! :)

    @MD: Cow Towing…?

    (I have flooded the college notice boards with Lusipurr.com posters. Unfortunately I am in Norfolk, meaning that the majority of people who will see them will be inbred farmers. :L

  8. Is the Lusiteam doing Extra Life again this year? I’ve participated on CatFamcy’s team for the last two years, but I’d be a turn coat if there’s a team here to join.

  9. Cow towing is an ancient Japanese practice of obeisance to the emperor, originally imported from China via Korea and put into place as part of the Taika reforms during the Asuka period. Since at this time they transliterated the classical Chinese writing system into a syllabry for their own language, “kowtow” became confused in its meaning. Although it’s been long since abandoned for obvious practical reasons (nobody owns cows, corporations are the real center of power instead of the emperor, etc.), the practice survives at least in spirit, if in heavily altered form, through the giving of expensive and neatly packaged pieces of fruit.

  10. @Lusipurr about those stretch goals Mighty No.9 were never going to reach. :)

  11. But I 100% agree with you Lusi about what you said in a recent podcast. Things like this may not be great in the long run, and that publishers will use Kickstarter as a starting point for games before they agree to publish / support them. “If your game doesnt make $5,000,000 on kickstarter first, f##k you” — publishers

  12. That is ultimately the problem, right? And the worst part is that I think we may already be at that point.

    I am delighted that we are getting all of these awesome things for Mighty No. 9.

    But at the same time, I worry about what this will do to indies, who need venture money most of all.



    @DA – Not that I’m aware of. I would like to participate in future years, however. Perhaps when I’m only crazy busy instead of ultra insane busy.

  14. I’d like one of Lusi’s three games.

    The Kickstarter problem is worrying, but like Lusi says, if it’s not already at that point, it probably will be soon. I hope that Kickstarter will change some guidelines or something sometime, but even then I wonder if that would be effective or not. Hmm…

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