TSM Episode 120: I.R.P. for 7 October, 1998

Next, they're going to be in OUTER SPACE! With J-pop songs! And an all-female cast!
Just another demonstration of how Final Fantasy VII has ruined the setting of all Final Fantasy games!

Download: Produced 2013.10.06

When the panel fails to show up, Lusipurr has no choice but to dig through his records to find an even earlier recording of the Internet Radio Programme than that used in TSM 44. This time, he selects the second IRP episode, recorded in October of 1998!


  1. Farewell TSM! I’ll miss you and I look forward to your re-incarnation next week!

  2. Does this mean that the games Lusipurr hates nowadays will become timeless classics or spark best selling series in the future?

  3. Half a lifetime ago…

    1998 was the absolute peak of the World Wide Web having function and purpose. I used to be able to find so many Quake clans on WebCrawler, now it’s like 10,000,000 hits and nothing.

    Angelfire > Geocities, UnOfficial SquareSoft Home Page > everything that came after it (but The GIA was good), AOL Instant Messenger > Facebook, Twitter, etc., and TIE Fighter forever.

    Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics… what a good time. Did anyone else get a VHS preview of FF7 in the mail? It showed game footage, cutscenes, interviews, and some scenes of the N64 prototype.

    I would have liked to hear some thoughts on the future of Square EA.

    Hard to believe that Montok was still years away from being born when this was recorded.

    It all brings back some of my fondest memories playing games… 15 years from now, will I reflect back on gaming today? No – I’ll be telling my kids, or somebody’s kids, or my dog, about 1998.

  4. If my panel would have been on time, we wouldn’t have to post these old, terrible recordings from the past!

  5. hey, that was a great time back then. people had jobs, the economy had a surplus and catfancy had a wierd newbie calling himself Lusipurr who was in junior high and gave it his all to be a positive… who am I kidding, he got the nomdeplume lucifer for acting like his protoge Bup now acts.

  6. Just now starting the podcast, but I suspect the nature of IRP will not lend itself well to a link list like I attempted last week. Perhaps I’ll try again next week.

  7. I love Zelda 64, also it is an incredibly designed game. Lusipurr hates Zelda 64, and has plenty of reason to. Certainly nobody is incorrect for hating that game.

  8. @Mel: Glad someone noticed!

    It’s hard to believe that there was a time when I was super-excited for Zelda OoT and terribly disappointed with FFVII.

    It’s not so much a time machine as an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE DEVICE! Except that it was this universe.

  9. I noticed the new music as well, but thought that it was just a one-off thing for IRP. Glad to hear Ethos back too. Good stuff.

  10. @DA: Well, I never said it wasn’t a one-off, but I’m glad that people like the music all the same!

  11. This episode was a delight.

    Though, as much as I am fond of Chris Privateer, he is a whiny, little man.

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