Editorial Miscellany: Old Beginnings

He is the apparent mascot of this column.
This is a picture of Paul Giamatti. Not Ethos.

Do not ever believe that I am truly gone, LusiSprites. Just when it appeared as though my guest-column stint was over and as all LusiDenizens prepared to breathe a collective sigh of relief, I have returned with a brand new weekly feature! Of course, the term “brand new” is a little massaged, as it is possible that this format is not entirely new to me. Also, this is probably – without resorting to the hyperbolic – my one hundred thousandth time returning to write for the site, so perhaps this was expected after all.

For those who do not follow my every exploit, this new column is meant to be something of a companion piece to our very own SiliconNooB’s distinctive weekly piece. While he editorializes the news to hilarious and devastating effect, my column aims to present “topics of interest” to indulgant and eye-rolling effect. Because by “topic of interest”, I obviously mean “topics of interest to Ethos”. Because that is what I do anyway, so we decided that we might as well harness the narcissism instead of trying to fight it.

But enough preamble, let us dive right in!

Pokémon! Obviously.

While I have been downloading all my Nintendo games recently, the release of Pokémon X and Y is a different beast entirely. Armed with the confidence that I did better than I ever had before in terms of avoiding information about the game, I walked down to the closest EB Games for the midnight launch to pick up two physical copies. I thought it would take me just under thirty minutes, but I underestimated both the busyness of downtown game store locations and the incredible popularity of Pokémon. After being constantly mocked by insecure dudebros on their way to drink their brains out at horrible clubs, the line finally shifted inside the store and I could finally discuss my anticipation with strange nerds in an effort to make the time pass more quickly.

It did not help that EB Games is horrible and used the fact that we were all trapped in a line to make sales pitches to us. I finally left with my copies after two excruciating hours. The games themselves may or may not have been worth it.

Although I still don't understand why they did it.
“Bubble people” only a problem during fade outs

Wind Waker HD Is Baller

For all of their infinitely confusing large-scale decisions, Nintendo continues to produce exceptional software. Wind Waker HD is just a port of sorts, but Nintendo’s attention to detail shines through in Aonuma’s attempt to truly realize his original vision for the title. If nothing else, Wind Waker HD proves that Zelda is a series that would utilize higher power and better resolution better than most others. Too bad that Nintendo itself seems to insist on keeping their technology about a decade behind the times. Anyhoo, I still think Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask are better, but this version definitely bolsters my opinion of the title.

Tales of Still Not Suck

Graces f was apparently not a one-off. Tales of Xillia has been a surprisingly deep game, both in terms of story and gameplay. Character design and voices are still heavy cause for eye-rolling, but the Final Fantasy XII-esque world and deceptively layered characters make this an extremely promising entry. Perhaps Tales is a series that can grow with its audience, however slowly.

Back to Pokémon! Obviously.

Remember when I mentioned that I picked up two copies at the midnight launch of Pokémon? Well that is because this version was my attempt to get my girlfriend into the series. Despite being a gamer herself, she never really gave the series a true chance. She agreed that she would give the series a proper shake when I said I would buy her a copy. And – of course – the combined power of an already great series with the streamlined opening of X and Y was too much for her and now I have yet another converted Pokémon junkie. Where is my referral cheque?

PS4? More like PSNOPE!

Nothing really to say here except that now that I have the money to get a PS4 on launch day, it is too late to guarantee myself a console. Oh well, I would probably just play Assassin’s Creed on it anyway.

Well folks, that is it! I hope the return of Ethos has been appropriately underwhelming. I will be back next week with another jumbled collection of my gaming thoughts for the week. I will leave you with my final word.

Ethos’ Final Word: Pokémon, doofuses


  1. Even if it were easy to get I don’t know that I’d buy a PS4 at launch. Not sure what’s on it I would buy.

  2. You should make this a gossip column. Can you involve a part in LFoPD where you collect and train L.com readers, and their strength in battle depends on the comments they make? It’s sure to be disappointing!

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