TSM Episode 242: The Year of Luigi

'The Year of Luigi, or, The Calamity', a novel.
Vote now to hold Luigi responsible for his actions!

Download: Produced 2013.10.20

Lusipurr, Blitzmage, and Mel have finally had enough of the miseries attendant upon the year 2013, and decide to hold the man of blood–the green menace–the villain of the hour, Luigi–responsible for ‘his’ year, indicting him for his calamitous intent.


  1. Have sexual intercourse with Luigi. . . in the ear. . . I haven’t finished listening to the podcast yet.

  2. At least Wario knows what he’s doing. Don’t give Luigi responsibility. He might seem lovable, but he’ll turn everything to shit.

    Fuck Luigi.

  3. I want my free copy of pokemon fire red or heart gold please…. blitzmage caught a luigi in his pokeball

  4. The intro sound balance is a bit better this week, but it sounds a bit static-y and echo-y during the VOs.
    Well, onto

    DA’s TSM Info Blast:


    Feature: Pokemon Play-through

    That jerk who usually doesn’t participate in play-throughs

    Lusi’s local radio station

    March of the Dreadnaughts

    Steel Reason

    Change in the music
    I enjoy the change. The new music is good. The sound balancing does need some work though.

    Wii U sales up

    Fixing Lusimath
    If something is increased 200% then it has been tripled, not doubled. A 100% increase is a doubling.

    Blitzmage’s mic
    Loud, static-y, sounds like he’s breathing in my ear. Needs fixing.

    Wind Waker HD comparison

    Big Brother Kinect

    Brave New World
    Not that great of a book. Honestly, it’s okay, but not as fantastic as it’s hyped to be.

    Pokemon Feature
    See above

    I disliked the circle pad controls before I even got the skates, but now it’s worse. I get that it’s kinda neat to have them on all of the time, but I’d like to be able to use the c-pad for normal movement because the dpad is out of the way to use for movement and is awkward and uncomfortable to use. I like that they updated Pikachu’s battle noises to use the actual words it uses from the show. I wonder if any of the other popular characters will have this update, I’d like to see that.

    Speaking of user avatars
    How does one choose such a thing?

    There was a patch for FFXIV
    If you play that game, then you probably already know. If not, then you don’t care.

    Final Fantasy
    More like Final Fantazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Nintendo Comments on Lumiose City glitch

    TSM on iTunes

    Ending music?
    This title was not given in the podcast.

  5. @DA: The write-up I had at the time indicated that sales are 200% of what they were in the previous month; not that it was 200% more than the previous month. This may have gotten mixed-up in the podcast, and hence was probably confusing or unclear.

  6. @DA: Some corrections.

    1) 1984 is not Brave New World. Nor are they by the same author. Nor are they arguing the same things (1984 is concerned with totalitarian reductionism, whereas BNW is concerned with trivialisation through excess. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.)

    2) The ending music title is given in the podcast. You’ve listed it in your own post, above.

    3) Blitzmage’s mic sounds like that because he was deliberately making it so. For some stupid reason.

    4) User avatars: visit the clothes shoppe and a changing station.

  7. @Lusi:

    1) Someone mentioned Brave New World specifically, then the conversation went to 1984. I was just sharing my opinion of the former. I have no comment on the latter as I haven’t added that to my reading queue yet.

    2)So the ending music is just a continuation of the opening music? That wasn’t clear to me and I didn’t listen to the whole song when looking it up.

    3)That’s dumb and he’s dumb. Stop doing that DumbMage!

    4)I meant Lusivatars. My box is always a grey silhouette and I’d like to have a neat user pic like Mr. Bag O’.

  8. Elaboration: I want a neat pic like Mr. Bag is capable of having. I don’t mean that I want a bronyvatar like Bag.

  9. @DA: I was about to replace your avatar with a Brony.

    To get an avatar, head on over to GRAVATAR.com and register and then upload your pictures. Then, just use the same e-mail address (that you registered with at gravatar) when you comment here at the site.

    We should probably tell people this.

  10. DA makes another podcast write up! Such dedication. I’m impressed. You must enjoy getting abused, as well.

  11. So what terrible game are we making Lusipurr play? Perhaps marathon every Call of Duty, followed by every Halo, followed by every Killzone, and concluded with Gears of War? While having to wear a baseball hat sideways and several popped-collared shirts? I’d donate for that.

  12. @Mel:
    There’s two reasons that I do the info blast.
    Neither of those reasons is that I “like being abused”, that’s just a side benefit I guess.

    The first is that I would have liked to have it available as a resource before it existed and no one else seemed to want to do it. The second is that it helps organize my thoughts and reply to the specific parts of the podcast in a readable manner.

  13. remember folks to give to lusi’s punch-beginner drive: if he reaches $1,000 he’ll do nate, $5000 goal is to play Hydlide, $10,000 he’ll drink a case of fosters while playing majora’s mask guided by siliconnoob, $50,000 he’ll play runescape and if he reaches the $100,000 goal he’ll play any shitty game the highest donator chooses. the drive ends 2/1/14. see imatannis or James Peggle for details.

  14. James Peggle!

    And how did you get a hold of our donation drive info early? Who leaked it??

  15. Great podcast as always . How about making Lussipur watch teen´s tv shows like Pretty little liars or shows like Friends or the big bang theory? :D

    Fuck Luigi!!!! this year was a crappy year and I know why now .

  16. did you hear about the new special 2ds? it has Luigi on it in celebration of portable gaming. also the watching Teen shows is for the $500 level. there was a level for Lusi to worship the potato god, but for some reason donations turned into Canadian bacon. Mr. Peggle has been hunting Luigi’s so that the “GOBLIN” slave…err cleaning crew in castle Lusipurr could go “Goblin” “Goblin” and “GOBLIN< GOBLIN< GOBLIN" Wark Wark….. (message trunicated by robot ninjas in Lusipurr's service)

  17. are you or are you not thhe one who initiated the use of the word “Goblin” for any racial/ sexist slur used on the cast? also when it reached a certain level there is either music or the chocobo call?

  18. besides you admitted you had a “special Team” to maintain your castle as well as sending out your slave…err employees to enslav…err recruit new units to your workforce. also you’ve got those robot masters to keep anyone in tow.

  19. New podcast listener (subscribed via iTunes) & site peruser.
    Great episode gents – I guess I better make a start downloading all the rest of them.

    The site donate / poem offer, could it be in the form of a limerick instead?

  20. TSM 243 will be going up a bit late because of Lusipurr’s workload this week. Expect it shortly.

    @Dice: Yes; I am editing it right now. :)

    @Stellaking: Absolutely! The form is up to you. Just make sure that if you want limericks that your donation is divisible by 5. XD

  21. @Lusipurr: Done, had a spare $11.00 doing nothing. Poem, limerick and the subject matter I’ll leave at your discretion sir – doesn’t have to be 10 lines.

  22. Well well, we’ve RAKED another one in! Welcome! Don’t leave angry too soon!

  23. You Know something? I whould have loved to see a video of Lusipurr playing those bad games that he played before, even 10 minutes.

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