TSM Episode 243: The Late Late Show

'tis the season.
It’s that time of year again!

Download: Produced 2013.10.27

Lusipurr is extremely overworked and consequently the podcast is very late indeed, but SiliconNooB, Blitzmage, and Imitanis seem not to care. Why, it is as if they do not know the podcast is late at all. What indifference! What arrogance! Donate now!


  1. DA’s Info Blast and Listener commentary:

    Music is still too loud, Lusi Sounds static-y.

    On this week’s panel:

    Autumn Fundraiser Drive:
    For each dollar donated Lusi will write/read a poem of that many lines for you on a topic of your choosing.

    Pokemon Feature:
    Btw, there were several useful comments in that thread… not just my random ramblings.

    Pokemon Patch:
    Note about the patch: It is system specific, so download it on every console on which you will play Pokemon X/Y. You will also need to download it separately for each version.

    Lusipurr.com database:

    Lusipurr giveaway:
    I thought I’d mentioned it last week, but I guess that was 241, apologies.
    To win a copy of one of the games mentioned, simply comment in this thread with “I would like a free copy of [insert game name here]”.

    Bravely Default Micro Transactions:
    I hope that the buying part of this is just easy mode, and not content lock.

    Verperia DLC levels:

    Aussie internet strikes again!

    Day one PS4 patch:
    I’d expect something similar from XBOX with how much they’ve changed the specs for that system.

    Not even once.
    Lusipurr.com, my anti-Gaikai.

    North Koreans attack South Korea with stupid free games:

    FFXIV top seller in august:

    It’s over 900,000!

    Lusi promises to only talk about MMOs occasionally:
    Doing something Cat Fancy could never figure out.

    Lusi has none and can’t admit that he plays video games.

    Lusipurr.com on twitter:

    Comment comment comment comment comment chammeeeeleeeoooonn
    I type and post, I type and post
    Writing would be easy if I’d had a bit more caffeine
    Post must be seen, post must be seen.


    Also needs some sound cleanup.

  2. I would still like Bastion on steam.
    Another quality podcast.

  3. I’m really excited for Bravery Default but wow….fuck this micro transaction shit. It will still be playable without it, right?

  4. @Lusipurr: Write about me as if I was a character in Final Fantasy 7. What is my limit break, what town do I come from, what weapon do I use, a little back story, stuff like that. Anglo-Saxon verse. Feel free to drop a kenning or two.

    @DiceAdmiral: I find your write up quite useful!

    I don’t like the idea of Gaikai either. The thing is, they’re not going to put any more effort into old games than what’s already on PSN, which is all stuff we probably have by now if we wanted it. I doubt they’re suddenly going to throw on Brave Fencer Musashi or Parappa the Rapper all of a sudden. I do not need to have FF7 again, nor stream my PSN games on another system, but perhaps that’s more useful to someone who will put their PS3 away for their PS4, rather than I who have no intention for a PS4. And then again you have that paucity of PS2 games for download – if they didn’t do it by now (like all the other SMT games, FFXII, etc.), why will they then? More likely they’ll just start adding more PS3 games to the list and leave the rest at that. So who cares, except for people who are late to the party. Give me a service that includes Nintendo, Sega, and Sony game going back to the 80’s and I’ll pay attention.

    My new pipe dream is that Sony will firmware update PS3s to play PS2 discs again.

  5. Thanks Matt! Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see in the Info Blast.

  6. Every week, DA complains about the intro audio quality, and every week I don’t care!

  7. Every week the intro audio quality sucks, and every week Lusi is too lazy to fix it.

  8. The intro music is radicool. Similar yet different enough from “March Of The Dreadnoughts.” Audio quality is always variable and there’s nothing wrong with that, but LISTENERS FEEL FREE TO DONATE so Dr. Lusi can get a boom-mike, you primitive screwheads!

  9. Steel Reason (intro music) is my default GW2 boss battle music now. Works perfectly.

  10. I’m very saddened by the news of a 40 dollar game, that I am actually very interested in purchasing, containing micro transactions. I will now be waiting for the reviews and other people to tell me just how intrusive such micro-transactions are before I even considering buying “Bravely Default:Flying Princess was a better Name”.

  11. I remember what I thought when I listened for the first time the new intro for the podcast: HOLY CRAP!!!! WHAT A MUSIC, WHAT A SOLO, INCREDIBLE!!, so I cant say that there is anything wrong with the intro . I love the volume also .

    Great Podcast people :D . I know that I always say something like that, but I truly think is great.

  12. Yup! Standby. Lusipurr has been horrendously busy and putting together the podcast is a lot of work. Thank you for your patience!

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