Editorial: Catching Em’ All Again

I drained that game of all it's Pokémon.
The completion of Black 2 had eluded me for a year while my enthusiasm was missing.

Some readers may remember last year when I wrote about my efforts to catch ALL the Pokémon. Well, it has been over a year now and I really did not get a lot further. When I wrote the post I had collected 412 Pokémon across the five generations. Today, that same cartridge holds 486. Somewhere down the line the task became far more tedious than I realised it would be, and I had to take a break. Black 2 and White 2 had an imminent release impending, and I did not want to be burnt out by the time they became available. Sadly though, that is what happened.

There are a few legendary Pokémon that can only be obtained from events, but a great deal are scattered throughout generation four and five games. To collect them all would require either someone giving me their irreplaceable companions, or purchasing and playing an additional four games; Pearl, Soul Silver, White, and Black 2. Excluding Platinum, I would have ended up owning all the games available for the DS. Then there is the time needed to play each game to completion, an estimated twenty hours per game (totaling eighty plus hours), before I can even start collecting most of the legendary Pokémon that I still need. Needless to say, this project which had started out rather fun, soon drained me of my enthusiasm. That was, until X and Y were released.

Not until December!
Soon I will have all six generations of starters in one game.

The ease of leveling Pokémon in this new generation is a downfall when focusing on a single experience playing through the game, but it becomes a major boost to any collectors who need to fill out their Pokédex with some high level evolutions. Playing through Y got me excited all over again to carry on the project I had started a year ago, so much so, that I picked up White 2 again and captured every legendary I could. I even acquired White to carry on the momentum, but then I had to stop. For all I had done to progress in my quest, I still could not move my Pokémon into the sixth generation because Nintendo have not yet released the app with the functionality to do so.

So here I sit, waiting, hoping that I still care this much when Nintendo manages to release the Pokébank for the 3DS. X and Y have as much content as the older generations, but most can be breezed through with the overpowered team that is easily built while playing. The life of the sixth generation will be massively extended with the ability to move Pokémon across, and I hope it renews the obsession I have with the series. I can live with missing a few event only Pokémon, but the rest of the list demands to be filled.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo releasing the Pokébank app two months after the games? What is the closest you have managed to catching em’ all? Let me know in the comments!


  1. If you’re going by Pokedex count from the previous generation then you’ll be low when you actually transfer those up to XY unless you kept an un-evolved version of every Pokemon too. Sorry to be a downer, but you’re probably further behind than you initially thought. So can the Pokebank be used on Diamond/Pearl? I had a pretty sizable Pokedex in that generation if I didn’t get stupid and restart and it’d be cool to pull those up to X. I never finished the main story in Black so I doubt I’ll have much to get from there. I keep seeing Pokemon from that generation and thinking they’re new.

  2. I already considered that, Dice. I already had to breed many when I transferred my collection into the generation five games, which is why my Black currently clocks at over 115 hours. Strangely, I find the breeding and hatching quite enjoyable, so the lack of unevolved Pokémon will soon be cured.

    The Poké Transporter app that comes with the Pokébank will only with the generation five games. If you have Black still, transfer your collection over while you’re still waiting for the app.

  3. You mean I’m going to have to do it 6 at a time? That sounds like a tremendous P.I.T.A.

  4. Yes, but only while moving everything from generation IV to V. The minigame is fairly painless as well. The move from V to VI is done a box at a time.

  5. I have to play a minigame to move my pokemon to gen V? I guess we’ll see how interested I am in gathering my collection when the pokebank comes out, and I’ll do some migration at that point if I still want to.

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