11 comments on “TSM Episode 244: Goblintalk”

  1. Could forever listen to the chaos of the these first 15 minutes. Holy shit.

  2. Hopefully I will be back on the normal editing schedule going forward, but I make no promises.

  3. Dice Admiral’s Info Blast and Listener Commentary:

    Intro Audio:
    Quality still shite

    This week’s panel:

    Extra Life:

    Donation Drive:
    Lusipurr will write and read on the podcast a poem of for any donator of a number of lines equal to the dollar amount of donation. Style and topic may be selected by the donator.

    Gyme is a douche:
    ‘nough said.


    You probably should replace those idiots with someone halfway competent.

    Listener Letters:
    Nice to hear some longer feedback make it into the show.

    Wii U shorts:

    The NSMBU Bundle:
    Got me to buy one. I played it over Extra-Life

    PS4 won’t playback music:

    Ubisoft cans Online pass:

    Swapnote shutdown:

    Runescape donations:
    I could not find a link to this.

    Yearly donation giveaway:
    If you donate more than $5(10? 15? I forgot) in one shot, you are entered to win a game at the end of the year from steam or amazon. (Up to $60, game must be new).

    Quality still stinks, I’m still complaining about it.

  4. When is the last day to donate for the fall drive with the poem? I thought you said Monday the 10th but I wasn’t sure.

  5. Zoltan’s a charming fella, isn’t he. :( His letter to you guys was like a rainbow of lovely love in a sea of septic despair. Both you and he should be proud, I think, although I kinda dunno why.

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