TSM Episode 248: Fursona

The evidence of what was to come has been there all along.
Nekomata is a Fursona.

Download: Produced 2013.12.01

Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive in the United States, promping all podcasts to go off the air, and allowing vacation time for website staff members. But SiliconNooB is Australian and Lusipurr is hateful, and hence The Starlight Megaphone goes on!


  1. Info Blast 248:

    On this week’s Podcast:

    Cricket News:

    Annual LusiGiveaway:
    Donate at least $5 to the site in a single donation to be entered into the drawing for a new game up to $60 from Amazon or Steam. One entry per person, multiple donations do not grant multiple entries, nor do higher donation amounts.

    Xbone Skype Ban:

    PS4 vs XBone production costs:

    XIII-3 / 3D World sales in Japan:

    Awesome joke Julian. Good work.

    The Wii U bundle that comes with NSMBU and SLU has them both on one disc. I doubt this is available outside of that bundle though, but there may be copies floating around.

  2. I might as well ask here as no one else is discussing anything:
    Can we get a search feature for the site? I’d love to be able to punch a game into the search box and get all of the articles and reviews concerning said game.

  3. Nevermind, it’s hidden at the bottom of the site and has a weird pop in window functionality. Works, but could be more useful.

  4. Hidden in the well disguised box labelled ‘custom search’, eh?

  5. To be fair, I didn’t design it. I wanted it to be more useful and visible, but we got what we got.

  6. @SN: You mean the very pale font at the very bottom of the page? Yes. I do mean that by “hidden”.

  7. I just didn’t see it at all for a long time. It doesn’t stand out and doesn’t say “Search” until the third word, which does not make it easy to identify when that’s what I’m looking for on the page.

  8. It’s funny you mention that. The original design for the site had the Search function in a giant hover-window that stayed on the centre of the page, no matter what part of the site one was viewing. It said SEARCH!!! in red, blinking text, and occasionally played an audio-clip of me saying, “Search for something, you indolent sloth!”

    However, our focus-testing group asked for something ‘less instrusive’, and this is the result.

  9. I dunno if Ethos knows anything about web languages, but maybe he could improve it?

  10. @DA: Ethos doesn’t know anything about anything, so that’s unlikely.

    Also, I contest the assertion that it was annoyingly obvious before or nearly invisible now. My voice is like liquid silk in the first case, and in the second case it is very clearly visible once you know where to look for it. So, it was probably only irritating, and not annoying, before, and it is not nearly invisible now, but rather, carefully positioned for non-intrusive use-purposes.

  11. Microsoft could use you these days; you’ve got quite a way of making something bad sound much less bad.

  12. I prefer to think of it in terms of making something ‘which has negative consumer value’ into something which has ‘neutral or positive growth for consumers’.

    Also, we have upgraded the comment system today, and once again it should be possible to follow comments by e-mail. ENJOY!

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