TSM Episode 249: I Hate Mitchell Johnson

Sometimes, a single picture can sum up everything about an entire series.
This is how it feels to be an England fan.

Download: Produced 2013.12.08

Lusipurr, utterly disconsolate at England’s poor run of form on the Cricket pitch, is joined by the morale-boosting SiliconNooB, Blitzmage, Gyme, Mel, and special guest, Melchiz. Helpfully, the VGX Awards are detailed, and Bravely Default is discussed.


  1. Dice Admiral uses INFO BLAST!
    It’s Super Effective!

    On this week’s panel:

    lusipurr.com spring playthrough:

    Lusipurr.com giveaway
    Donate $5+ to enter to win a game!
    IIRC Last year’s winner chose Ni No Kuni

    Cricket News:

    If the categories are actually voted upon (big if I know) then it is conceivable that something that doesn’t win it’s genre could win game of the year if there was more competition with similar games in that set. What really should be done would be that the best game from each genre is nominated for best of year, but that would spoil those votes.

    XBONE dev settings:
    It’s a hoax.

    Idiot on Nintendo and mobile:
    Has this guy ever been right? Why is anyone still reporting his drivel. It just gives him publicity.

    PAR and PATV Closing:

    Forza or Gran Turismo something?

    Reggie says consumers know Wii U is different from Wii

  2. Michael Pachter is the new Jack Thompson. There must always be a hare-brained imbecile in the gaming industry at whose earnest exhortations we can all laugh.

  3. Micheal Compachter has been around for a while, though. I remember reading about his opinions on the Gamecube’s release and how he liked Nintendo. He liked Nintendo more when they were doing worse. Yup.

  4. How did we get rid of said imbecile last time? Did we just ignore him? I think that might work. If no one reports his crap, then he’d be out of a job as an “industry analyst”.

  5. We didn’t get rid of him before. He’s been adding his two cents for a long time now.

    As for why he’s not lost his job? Thing is, I don’t think this is all he does. I think he started it as a curio project and the gaming sites all glom on to him because he’s one of the few “professional looking guys” outside this industry who makes comments on it, and for a while it was only him. Since then it’s become a thing with this guy, and he’s gotten a little web series on GameTrailers and whatever. But I always got the feeling that he was just commenting on this stuff along side his job as a financial analyst for other industries.

  6. I meant how did we get rid of Jack Thompson. I just didn’t use the name because I’d rather not give him more publicity.

  7. @DA: He was disbarred–this is unlikely to stop Pachter, as he is not a lawyer.

  8. So to stop a lawyer we had to get him de-lawed. How to we get rid an an analyst? Remove his anal?

  9. I figure that’s been removed long ago because he clearly doesn’t give a shit about what he says.

  10. My god! I cant believe a FFX/X2 playthrough is coming, and while I can play FFX just fine, that is not the case with FF X2. I cant believe Lusipurr is going to go through FFX2 O.O

    Excelent podcast like always :D

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