TSM Episode 250: The Desolation of Smarm

Smarm is the pseudo-reasonable dodge; the attempt to deflect criticism by appealing to an imaginary right not to be offended; the claim that just criticism is unfair because it might hurt someone's feelings; it is the triumph of the dyslogistic move to conflate critical thinking with a meanness of spirit. It is the refuge of the emotionally frail and the critically impaired.
If given the option, always choose Snark. Smarm is the choice of the intellectually bankrupt, who fear criticality because of how it will ravage their arguments.

Download: Produced 2013.12.15

Lusipurr is joined by SiliconNooB and Mel in an evaluation of England’s continuing poor form with the bat and bad luck with the ball. A rambling trip through the week’s news, and the games of yesteryear, rounds out an extended-length, pre-holiday podcast.


  1. Glad to hear that Bravely Default is looking good. I was really hoping for a return to oldschool Final Fantasy form, and it sounds as if it’s just that.

  2. INFO BLAST 2(5^3)

    On this week’s panel:

    Donate soon if you want to enter the game giveaway!

    Major Nelson on XBone sales

    Console maker dies in car crash after scam
    Sorry Lusi, I tried, but given the info I had, I couldn’t find any news about this.

    The Last Guardian still in development
    Lusi: A Post Mortem is an industry term in software development. It’s a review of a project post-completion to cover things that did or didn’t work. It has a bit of a negative connotation, but the review is not necessarily so.

    Cliff Bliz working on Unreal style game?

    Very Interesting, I had no idea that’s how this worked.

    EA wins LGBT award
    *Pulls cord, watches arrow spin* The Lusipurr says: “We don’t like the gays”.

    Forza 5 Economy revamp

    Visas for Starcraft players

    Randy Pitchford is a jerk
    This guy is such a douche. It reminds me of that whole Tim Shaffer thing a few months ago.

    Rhode Island and 38 studios

    I’m probably not interested in looking at any of you while I listen.

    Oh man, Now that I’ve done this entire thing, I’m really tempted to do exactly what you said and delete it all just to spite you. I can’t flush this all down the drain though. Bah!

  3. @Lucy: That explains a lot. I tried every Google Sorcery technique that I’m aware of and couldn’t get anything. You information in the podcast was near-ish but off enough that it didn’t even graze the correct results.

  4. @DiceAdmiral: I know you had mentioned you might be interested in Just Cause 2, just thought I’d let you know that it is $3 on Steam until the 19th.

  5. Really enjoyed the podcast this week, it’s a lot easier to recommend the show & site to friends when it’s without, or free of the ‘gentle’ racism references – albeit, even if such things are in jest – little embarrassing otherwise.

    Brilliant gents. Cool stuff <333

  6. I’ve yet to see either of the Hobbit films, but recent reviews of Smaug are saying that’s walking dangerously close to fanfiction territory. I was planning to see them both fairly soon and wonder if there’s any truth to that? The Hobbit was my first fantasy novel many years ago, and the details aren’t very clear to me any longer, but I’d hate to spend money towards something that dances over the memory of it.

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