Editorial Miscellany: So Tired

The mascot of December.
We are approaching the holidays, and Jack is getting excited.

I worked twelve hours yesterday, LusiDreggs. Such a shift is not unfamiliar to some and, to be honest, is not really such a big deal to me. But how those twelve hours are spent makes a significant difference and yesterday was decidedly on the busier side of things. So it is not a lack of sleep that makes me tired, dear LusiClocks (as a chronic insomniac, I consider a lack of sleep a close friend of mine) but rather the constant crash of stressful waves of working on a new national live TV show against my eroding strength. I am tired. I need a break. I miss my friends.

On to video games.

Did I Mention?

My girlfriend bought me the special Link Between Worlds edition of the 3DS XL. It was incredibly sweet of her, but I made it bittersweet when I revealed that I had secretly downloaded the game at midnight the night before. I could not wait, okay? Both Super Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds came out on the same day, and I had to play at least one of them! Anyway, after the truth came out, I made the system transfer and realized that my game saves did a very poor job of transfering themselves. This was not a very big deal to me, as it gave me an opportunity to discover…

The One And Only Problem With Etrian Odyssey IV

Okay, so I am sure that there is more than one objective problem with Etrian Odyssey IV, but as I continue to happily replay the game, I certainly cannot notice any. I never completed it the first time around, so this replay has afforded me the ability to play with more confidence in my decisions while still enjoying the exhilarating sense of exploration and responsibility. However, in reaffirming my adoration for the title I also am less blinded to what I feel is the most obvious flaw: the music. The music is not bad on its own, and certainly there are a few remarkable tracks, but I feel that it largely does not fit the feel of the game.

While likely informed by my own tonal preferences, my sense is that contrapuntal harpsichord arrangements would fit the central hub town far better than the anime-style muzak currently in place, and while the atmospheric efforts are appreciated in the mazes themselves, I cannot help but notice the uncomfortable influence of soft jazz or soft rock, or just, well, general softness. The game is so distinct and convicted that I am upset to conclude that the music is far more timid, and worse, does not appear to be fully aware of the game that it is a part of. This may not even be a fault of the composer, but it is a distinct mark against a game that is rapidly rising through the ranks of my favourite games of all time.

Few series deserve HD as much as the Zelda series.
Among other things, this HD facelift provides optimism for Zelda’s graphical future.

And Now For Something Completely Different

The new console Zelda. It is apparently being revealed at E3 2014 and apparently under a development process that has been informed by both Wind Waker HD and Link Between Worlds and is apparently in an art style that has never been seen before. Considering Nintendo’s current hot streak in the first party software department, I am allowing myself optimistic speculation that had been previously dimmed after the competent but comparatively vapid Twilight Princess. Every time I go back and play a little Skyward Sword, Wind Waker HD, or even the aforementioned inconsistent Twilight Princess, I am reminded that, when it wants to, Nintendo can create an amazing-looking game. It is a fact that has been easier to ignore in recent years as the company’s hardware continues to be a decade behind the times.

However, while still incredibly dated, the Wii U hardware is far more promising in terms of what Zelda can accomplish visually, even if only for the high definition resolution. Obviously gameplay is more important, but honestly, I am back to trusting Nintendo when it comes to handling Mario and Zelda from a software standpoint, even as their business model descends into a desperately ignorant oblivion.

Super Mario 3D World Completion Update

Caileigh and I have collected all the green stars, stamps, and golden flags up until the final special world, but we know the hardest levels are still to come. It is very satisfying, but pretty intense. She wants to keep playing into the night, but I do not know if my heart and hands can handle it. The holidays are approaching, however. Look out, Mario. I am coming for you and your 3D world.

Final Thoughts

Despite Radiant Historia‘s apparent awesomeness, it has been eclipsed by my excitement to replay Etrian Odyssey IV. Wow what a great game.


  1. I refuse to read your words. You cannot make me read them.

  2. I work 12 hour days, 4 days a week (3 of them in a row). The downside is having to get to work by 7:30am, and being stuck in a smallish place all that time; otherwise I prefer it for having an extra day off, and the weekends that they’re clustered around feel like going to camp or something cause I just come home to shower and play some games until I fall asleep.

    You’ve mentioned EOIV a lot recently, but weren’t you playing Untold before? What do you think of a comparison between the two? Althouhh IV is more varied in terms of the airship and multiple dungeons, I’m digging Untold more for the story additions, sharper graphics (to my eyes), and the abilities for the classes in story mode (who are roughly what I’d pick in classic mode anyways).

    Zelda, particularly due to A Link Between Worlds blowing me away, has definitely been confirmed as my favorite Nintendo series. Mario just doesn’t do it for me any more, and after not being particularly impressed by 3DS Land, I’m in no excitement for 3D World. When the WiiU drops to $200, I’d consider it only for the multiplayer fun. I’m sure it’s great and all, but it just seems shallow compared to Zelda games as a single player experience. I would love to see a new Zelda game (meaning not a sequel/remake) based on ALBW for 3DS more than anything else from Nintendo right now – followed by a new Metroid (2D or 3D, just a long, engrossing game).

    That’s enough of my miscellany for now!

  3. @Matt – I WAS playing Untold before, but when I got my new 3DS, it was a perfect opportunity to start EOIV again, and it’s hard to stop when I start. I love, love, love that game. A comparison would certainly be interesting. Ironically, running Editorial Miscellany has seen my mind start to generate ideas for full editorials. Or maybe that makes sense. Either way, depending on my schedule, I might start to draft a few, and I might include that idea.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed by 3D Land either, although I quite liked it, but I have definitely been impressed with Mario ever since Galaxy 2. I trust the Zelda team again after Twilight Princess invoked my skepticism. I am very excited for the reveal of the Wii U project.

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