TSM Episode 251: A Very Luigi Christmas

This picture, like butts, farts, and the farts that come from butts, is a Lusipurr.com tradition.
Happy Christmas from Lusipurr.com!

Download: Produced 2013.12.22

This Christmas, listen to the gift that keeps on giving–even when told, repeatedly, through a series of court orders, to stop. Lusipurr and SiliconNooB labour in the darkness, braving a semaphor outage and sanctimonious tyrants to produce… a podcast!


  1. Merry Info Blast Everyone!

    On this Week’s Podcast:
    Lusipurr (https://thedaytonight.com/contact-staff/lusipurr/)
    SiliconNooB (https://thedaytonight.com/contact-staff/julian-taylor/)

    Cricket whatsit

    Lusipurr giveaway:
    Enter to win a free new game on Steam or Amazon by donating $5.


    Dark Souls on Mobile? Probably not.
    That would never work. You’d have hundreds of broken-in-half smartphones.

    Something you might hear about in Lusi’s classroom:

    Arguing that Farmville isn’t a game is pretty silly. I think most would agree that Harvest Moon is a game and it has very similar aspects. I do like your definition of gamer as far as “Someone who spends leisure time playing games”, but disagree as far as what games are allowed for that qualification. If someone spends their leisure time playing mobile games, then I would argue that said person qualifies.

    YouTube does dumb crap (again)

    Cards Against Humanity
    I don’t really care for this game. It’s very similar to Apples to Apples which I do not like. It’s too fickle for my taste in board/card games.

  2. Appended note: I did link the Cricket News this week, and before you even harassed me about it!

  3. Kudos for providing us with a show even during the holiday seasons. Merry Christmas to you folks.

  4. I like seeing Mr. Taylor throwing a tantrum about the things he hates.

    And just a warning, Lusipurr, expect a series of Thesis to be nailed upon the front door of the Lusipope.


    The main difference between LusiPope and the real pope is that LusiPope has no compunction about killing as many people as necessary, innocent or guilty, to achieve his goals! LusiPope gives no fucks! LusiPope hates humanity anyway!

  6. Hey listen, I do appreciate you two taking out time and having the respect for your audience to record an internet radio programme for and during a busy week.

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