Editorial: Christmas (Again)

All 600 of them....
Celebrate the holiday by transferring Pokemon!

Oh joy, Christmas is here again. This year, it falls on a Wednesday, which means I have to write the Christmas day post. Anyone expecting a post filled with seasonal celebrations and merriment must be very new to the site, because although it is that time of the year when most people visit relatives and buy expensive gifts for one another, I treat it like any other day. My family has far too many birthdays around the holiday for us to feel like making an effort for Christmas as well, so we do not. Aside from splashing out on a few gifts for my children, I do not do much to celebrate Christmas. On the day itself, I can usually be found on my computer or PlayStation the entire day. Today is no different and I will explain why.

Anyone who plays World of Warcraft will have some kind of horror story about how a looking for raid group wiped on a boss. The damage dealers blame the tanks for not holding aggro, the tanks blame the healers for not keeping them alive, and the healers blame the rest of the raid for not following tactics. This could happen to any one of us 99% of the year. On Christmas day though, people tend to be a little more forgiving.

In the EU, raid lockouts reset on a Wednesday. Today. Christmas day. A whole bunch of people that do not have much else to do will log in and attempt to kill bosses together on Christmas day solely because they have the ability to clear a raid again. Even guildies will log on, run a dungeon or scenario, and wish everyone a merry Christmas. Azeroth gets just a little bit more cheerful. Scandinavian countries celebrate the holiday for three days, so EU realms are in the festive spirit for longer than our friends across the Atlantic Ocean. This is perfect for those whose families get into arguments over the holiday.

There is more to celebrate than just Christmas. Steam sales are back and are draining my bank account as I write this. The Pokemon app will be available in just two short days. I have been hard at work this year trying to collect them all, and when the transfers are complete, I will be short a mere twelve Pokemon from my collection.

So, even for someone who plans to spend all their time in front of a computer screen, there are still many reasons to enjoy the holiday, even if one does not celebrate the day. Merry Christmas Lusifans, and have a happy new year!


  1. Have a merry non-Runescape Christmas everybody!!

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