TSM Episode 252: Livin’ La Vida Ethos

Ethosipurr.com would look something like this, but with the addition of scourge engines belching fire, blood, and bone upon the dissipated figures of the degenerate sodomites.
Now with substantially* more Ethos and Friends!

Download: Produced 2013.12.29

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel settle down for a long winter nap all snug in their beds, until visions of Blitzmage invade their heads. And as if this were not enough, Ethos arrives by proxy, wearing leather pants, no shirt, and a hair-do from the 1980s!


  1. I hope Final Fantasy X-3 is a Hypello-style spinoff entitled “Ride Ze Shoopuf”. Or a free-to-play Blitzball sports game paid for by EA. Then the world would make sense.
    Also, I knew I could trust you with the production of Fruit Basket.

  2. Uh, perhaps I’m missing the joke here, but did I somehow leave anyone with the impression that I -like- nonsense like Angry Birds? I was fairly certain I’d made my case that smartphone games and all it’s little flash incarnations can kindly fuck off.

  3. Also, if you close this site, there will be no proper gaming podcast for those who don’t subscribe to liberal/socialjustice/whiteknight/douche rhetoric, and the world of gaming discussion will grow into a much darker, monotone place.

  4. Oh, it’s already as dark as night anyway. This little bastion of the Light is hardly populous!

  5. Well, I’ll be sad to see it go. And if it does, I hope to see you turn up elsewhere at least as a guest.

  6. Liberals and other faggots will pay on the day of the rope. Social justice is just another way Jews are trying to cause white geNOcide.

  7. People can hang nooses from their flag poles and door knobs. I smell merchandise!

  8. I have a question for the panel next podcast, if you don’t mind Lusipurr!

    If you could change one detail in history, what would it be?

    (I just watched Indie Game the Movie to see Phil Fish’s stupidity and arrogance for myself) I would change Fez’s sales numbers to 0, so Fish would commit suicide. :)

    Also, ‘Ethan’s Fruit Basket’ is my new favourite segment of the podcast!

  9. I agree, the fruitbasket segment was awesome, and the unexpected bombastic music spurred actual laughter from me.

  10. I am now 100% convinced that Ethan and Ricky Martin are the same person!

  11. Just the combination of the title, lead-in text, and picture is hysterical.

  12. @Second Stone: It’s true! Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

  13. I like how you refer to yourself and Mr. Martin as them…
    Surely it would be ‘us’??

  14. There are more layers to this than you could ever dream imaginable.

  15. Ricky Martin and Ethos are the same person, but they are also different people who are in love with each other. And they are also different people who have never met.

    I know this sounds complicated, and it isn’t, but what you really need to know about this is Ethos Homosexuality Anal Bum Cover Xbox Kinect.

    Also, Ethos is his own grandpa.

  16. Ha, nice. So he is went Back to the Future, eh?

    Ethan, even though I am gay, please refrain from sending me lewd pictures. :P

  17. No info blast this week guys. Sorry. I took the week off. The blast will return on Monday for episode 253!

  18. Only Lusipurr gets me. And Second Stone, do not worry. For gay people are human too and the good ones also respect boundaries. The question is, am I one of the good ones?

  19. @DeanScape: Unfortunately, I am not one of the good ones. Prepare yourself for Gyme cock pics flooding your email!

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