1. About halfway through listening to the podcast, I turned on the tv when lo and behold the History Channel was showing a program on how shoes are made. That was surely the right way to listen to this podcast~!

    What if Capcom and Konami turned their attention to Japan only?

    And from my understanding, the lawsuit against Nintendo refers to the 3D image viewing, not the camera…? If that’s the case – hence the 2DS. If not, then yeah get rid of that camera, it’s a total nuisance.

    I don’t want Willow 2, that’s disgusting.

  2. We actually own the History Channel now. They are subject to Our will.

    Capcom and Konami are incapable of conceiving of a Japan-centric focus. They are now firmly determined to ape EA and Activision, endlessly trying to appeal to the CoD/GoW/AC demographic.

  3. 1nF0 31@57 254

    On this week’s panel
    https://thedaytonight.com/contact-staff/pierson-stone/ (Host)
    https://thedaytonight.com/contact-staff/lusipurr/ (Not-Host)

    Console colors
    I prefer black consoles. The only white ones I’ve had were the DS Lite and the Wii. Black consoles disappear into piles of other electronics which is fine by me, I’m not trying to make a fashion statement.

    Wii U Developer tell all
    Insularity, good word choice Julian. I approve.
    Relevant Penny Arcade: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/3/25
    Blitzmage 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Capcpm Doesn’t know how to develop for New Gen

    December console sales

    More like Double-Shabby

    Beyond Awful
    Pacific Rim is great! It’s a super fun movie! Guillermo hasn’t made a movie I didn’t like. The Orphanage was a bit of a downer though. I think that the magic in Pan’s Labyrinth was real. Too many things don’t make sense if it wasn’t. Ophelia’s room was guarded and she somehow escaped.

    Nintendo to pay royalties
    The augmented reality games on 3DS use the camera. I dunno if it has to be 3d or not.

    Silicon Knights /EPIC legal junk

    I don’t think I want that in my search history. Sorry. Google it yourselves.

    Bravely Default reviews

    There are churches in WoW, apparently
    Congrats, LusiPope. How in the world can you have time to be a religious leader with all of the other stuff you have to be doing?

    Again host never Bliztmage always!

    I don’t think it’d be that bad to host the podcast. I’ve hosted radio programs before and aside from a more chaotic cast, this sounds leagues easier. That being said, Blitzy did a fine job! This was actually more structured than normal, which perhaps was the main complaint issues by the cast.

  4. How about we NEVER do the podcast again and just have DiceAdmiral post a written podcast post every week!

  5. What’s up with the hostility? I said you did a good job! Better than Lusi even!

  6. You often have trouble keeping the podcast on track. Maybe that’s by design, but I did enjoy the more structured episode this week.

  7. Oh. Oh dear. Goodbye DiceAdmiral, we really enjoyed your stay. I pray that your death will be swift, but I fear that I do not have much hope.

  8. I hereby declare this episode the Litigationcast!

    Also Lusi, I recall you being a fan of the recent Hobbit film. Might interest you to know that del Toro was originally signed on as the director for what was at the time a two movie deal.

  9. When you think Lusipurr dot com, think: Quality Podcasts.

    TUNE IN NEXT TIME for more of the same goodness you’ve come to expect. Quality. Integrity. And above all, intellectual discourse about videogame news or your money back!*

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