Editorial Miscellany: New Endings

In this metaphor, Aerith is the spirit of the Phase phase of Editorial Miscellany. So, y'know, initially charming but ultimately hollow.

I think this is the end of the Phase phase for Editorial Miscellany. I do not think it is a structure that is providing me with the creativity I hoped it would. So look forward to no mascot and no theme words in the title next week, LusiCarrots! Until then, how about I talk about some video games, huh?

Bravely Default Check-In

Still not released in North America.

Lightning Blah Blah Holy Crap Eyeroll Demo

Yeah, I downloaded it and it was exactly what I expected: Full of atrocious dialogue, mishandling of themes the staff is obviously not smart enough to tackle, melodramatic characters, a larger bust and less clothing on Lightning, and enough indulgence to make Assassin’s Creed III look like a dissertation on humility. However, all that being said, the battle system is incredibly promising – despite the very short and limited demo – and the game is a visual treat. So, it is essentially just another game in the Final Fantasy XIII series and everything that comes along with that.

What makes me more excited for this title, however, is that my expectations are finally in the right place. Lightning Returns is going to be trashy fun. It is going to fail spectacularly at story-telling and soar triumphantly with its RPG mechanics. I still do not know how the timing mechanic will work, and so I currently have no opinion on the matter, but I do expect to get my money’s worth from the title. Think Final Fantasy X-2 but less bearable cutscenes (what can I do for you?). At least X-2 is campy. XIII-3 thinks it is pulling off its badass end-of-the-world shtick, and it makes me uncomfortable.

But who knows, I only played the demo, maybe the game will surprise me!

But I doubt it. I look forward to the battles and menus.

A satisfying mix of relaxing and challenging.
Not life-changing, but solid.

Sound Shapescapades

The PS4 has no games. This is not shocking to me. I knew there would be a drought the day I bought it, but that does not make me any less impatient in waiting for Infamous: Second Son. I suppose I still have Assassin’s Creed IV but the PS4 version is a next-gen game the way that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is a current gen game: it is not one. Enhanced versions are nice. They are enhanced. But that is all they are.

The point is that the PS3 feels slow to go back to now, and because I stupidly left a PlayStation power cord and my spare HDMI cable at my mother’s house over the Christmas break, it is now a big to-do to switch to my PS3 anyway. The next point after that is that I am constantly on the PS4 version of the PlayStation Store and wow is there nothing there. Bare. Bones. Of course that makes suckers like me buy anything that is under $10 and looks remotely interesting. Luckily Sound Shapes was worth it. Of course there is absolutely nothing about that needs the PS4 hardware – the thing could probably run fine on a GameBoy Color – but it is a great game to play at night when I do not want to be so alert as to play Tales of Xillia or Assassin’s Creed IV, but am not quite ready for bedtime with Pokémon X or Etrian Odyssey IV. The controls are simple, but the moods are effectively crafted with simple tools and a simple idea. It is the sort of game that I would spend hours with as a child, creating my own levels and becoming a more creative and bright human being. Instead I am twenty-seven and must sleep in order to go to a job that does not creatively or personally satisfy me and instead turns my only shot at existence into a mediocrity in line with every other Canadian. I even went to Ikea on the weekend.

I Am Actually Quite Happy

Just tired and grumpy today and would rather be writing sonatas for a living. But one has to earn such things, I hear.

The Point Is…

…That I have to stop saying “the point is”. And that Sound Shapes is fun.

Right, Back To Pokémon

I am playing it again. I realized that all I needed to do was turn off the Experience Share and ignore the stupid stat-boosting mini-games and the game was fun again. I just wish there were a more official way to shut off Easy Mode. Either way it is exciting to still have unplayed Pokémon sections.

Final Thoughts

It is on a week like this that it is most obvious why I have this format for my articles now. I barely have one coherent thought in my head right now. It is funny how at one moment the mind can feel like it is noticing all patterns in the world converging, like all one needs is just a little more focus and patience and it will only be a moment before divine truth reveals itself, and then the next moment the mind decides to fart for three weeks straight. January is a bleak month. How about you guys type some words now?


  1. Man, my interest in games right now is the lowest it’s been since college. I’ve been challenged enough, there is nothing new under the sun, and the trials and motivations of scripted computer animations mean nothing to me, so there’s that.

    The last game I played, several weeks ago, was a cute zeldalike called ‘ittle Dew on Steam; I have no idea if it ever gets challenging, but it was kind of funny.

    What is LusiCarrots supposed to mean by the way?

    I trust Bravely Default to be good at this point, and it seems to be a perfect summation of classic JRPG battle systems, and in all consideration it should be exactly what I was looking for… but honestly, there comes a point where doing the same kind of thing over and over again in life tires one out, and this particular game, after playing the demo and rolling it over in my mind, exemplifies why the entire experience of gaming is reaching its natural conclusion (not like “never again” of course) for me. Just wanted to share that with you.

    As for the industry, there’s only so long one can be apalled by a trainwreck before moving on. It’s all well and good to dislike what’s not right, but it’s so completely unfuckingsurprising that a huge moneymaking capitalist gangbang like the video game industry is corrupt and stupid. I don’t get upset or surprised over something which holds no illusion. But thank the saints for Lusipurr.com for being so insightful and calling it on its bullshit.

    I’d really like to read you and the others bearing your wit down on other cultural areas, but yeah video games alright

  2. @Matt – YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT LUSICARROTS MEANS. Games may re-capture you at some point and I hope they do. I think despite the state of the AAA industry, it’s actually a very exciting time for gaming.

    @Lusi – Was walking to work, not 20 metres from my front door and I wiped out sideways. The bruise is huge and it makes it hard to sleep, but I’m sure it was hilarious to witness. In addition to the illness that I’ve had for three days, I feel a fraction of myself.

  3. @Ethos: Maybe I should, but I don’t. But that’s okay. Although my current phase of game enthusiasm is concluding, I’m sure the feeling will come back in some way. I still have a few 3DS RPG’s which I like a lot to get through, I’m sure I’ll get Bravely at some point and it’ll fit right in, and I’m actually really looking forward to Persona Q. It’s just no one I know in the outside world cares of what I think about video games, so I figure this column to be the most appropriate place to air these sorts of grievances. And with the state of the industry, I think something more revolutionary than will come by the end of this decade. It would be nice to see a really different kind of RPG constituting a new spinoff genre (like tactical RPG’s were) too.

  4. That video is amazing! THAT is the game I would want to play, and shows me that FFXIII‘s story, if removed from the context of bad dramatization and into the classic FF style of short, written sentences only, makes sense and fits into the established schema of what’s acceptable in Final Fantasy. I’d only ask for the battles to be closer to the original game than the ATB system in a hypothetical scenario of it being an actual game.

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