TSM Episode 257: Tomorrow’s News

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Download: Produced 2014.02.02

Not content with bringing yesterday’s news to listeners, the podcast panel employs Lusipurr.com FlexiTime to bring tomorrow’s news to listeners, instead. A bright and bountiful Ouya future awaits one and all, and Lusipurr reads two hand-crafted poems.


  1. I do believe you uploaded last week’s show by mistake good sir.

  2. In attempt to give you next week’s new this week, Lusi apparently gave you last week’s news this week. Perfect!

  3. Was wondering if I was drunk, or high.

    Both? Redownloading.

  4. Early in the show I missed the note that this was the news of tomorrow and began rejoicing over Reggie’s departure from Nintendo. Then I remembered that I’m still in the present and there was much sadness.

  5. Info Future Blast!

    I don’t have the future-gazing tech that the LusiPods use, so we’ll just have to wait for these stories to break the normal way.

    Info blast will be back next week!

  6. This was a particularly and hilariously wonderful episode. Thanks for putting the work into it!

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