Review: Miley Cyrus: The Game

Are there any kind of briefs in this game? I wonder if Thicke wore any sort of underwear while he was on stage at the VMAs
A brief tutorial before the action starts.

Since Miley Cyrus hit headlines with some rather famous twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, she has become a household name in places that had never watched her on television before. Indeed, her popularity is so high right now, even people with little more than a sheet of cardboard over there heads at night to call their home know who she is. It is sad then that this latter type of individual will not be able to experience the sensation that is Miley Cyrus in her first game not to be based off of her Disney Channel alter ego, Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus: The Game is set around the act the shot her to world-wide fame; twerking on Robin Thicke. As the brief tutorial demonstrates, the player needs only to rotate Miley’s posterior by moving the mouse in a clockwise fashion. The player is given a minute to achieve the highest score possible in the time limit. There are three checkpoints on the player’s path to twerking fame as various celebrities show their obvious delight at the scene unfolding before them.

As Miley Cyrus: The Game is written in Flash, it is infinitely replayable as the player attempts to achieve a new high score, and conveys a sense of nostalgia for arcade games past. As this is not the past though, the game can be easily shared with friends both near and far in an attempt to dominate the high score position within a group of friends. An added bonus is the native support of both Twitter and Facebook so that the world can know of the fabulous scores that players will achieve in this game.

I once paid to play this game in real life, except I couldn't find a Miley Cyrus look-a-like. Instead what I was left with was disappointment and £100 less than when I started. I tried to complain that the game was too short for that amount of cash, but I was told you get what you pay for.
Follow the yellow ring for the best results.

The quality of animation on display here is simply amazing. Miley’s behind is able to fluidly move around Thicke’s crotch due to the Flash nature of the game. Thicke’s face moves through different expressions as the game goes on, but sadly the same face will often show up multiple times during a single play through. This is also true of Miley’s face as she herself has multiple expressions, including the famous tongue out pose the is widely regarded as the expression she is best known for.

The music used in the game is from the live duet that the pair performed at the VMA’s, namely Thicke’s single Blurred Lines. The song features the authentic voices of both stars, and is completely uninterrupted by silly sound effects for the duration of the game. This is great news for fans of the song, but it is bittersweet as the song only last for the minute duration of the game. Once the minute is up, the player is rated on their twerking ability which is accompanied by a fully voice acted quote from Miley herself.

To sum the game up, it is endlessly replayable for as much time as the player wishes to put in; offers checkpoints for goal orientated people; allows players to share their scores with friends through social media quickly and easily; lastly it features audio from the star herself. This game will appeal to all Miley Cyrus fans out there, though parents will want to use some discretion when deciding if younger gamers should be allowed to play due to the nature of the content. The game is also completely free, and is available to play here.


  1. Without a doubt the defining moment of this–and, indeed, every–generation.

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