TSM Episode 267: Idiot Killed the Radio Star

There is more class, art, and merit in a single bar of any Eurythmics song than there is in the entire collected works of every artist whose oeurve is derived from the work of Kurt 'Brains Ahoy!' Cobain.
Better music from a better time.

Download: Produced 2014.04.13

After the power returns, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB, fed up with the continuous, appalling appreciation of Kurt Cobains, set about educating listeners on the meaningless and juvenile message which lies behind the dirty and unkempt superficiality of Nirvana.


  1. I am tired of Kurt Cobains–not just the one that offed himself, but all of his identical, whiny, intellectually void dopplegangers.

  2. I have no idea who Nirvana is . I have not listen to the podcast yet, but I am sure is great and congratulations for the quality of the podcast must be given. Great podcast guys! :D

  3. Smells like INFO BLAST!

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob


    Lusi has finally gone off the deep end…
    DONATE! So that Lusi doesn’t get committed.

    FFX/X-2 Playthrough!
    Astonishing Diarrhea is my Miley Cyrus cover band.

    Double un-Fine
    This sounds really unreasonable. If you don’t want to be part of sales, then choose not to participate in those services or sales. It sounds like Tim Shaffer really just wants to get the indie games industry to engage in price fixing across the board.

    Double un-Fine

    Lightning Returns Sales
    I could not find an article supporting Lusi’s proposition that the game is selling well.

    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    You bet your keister than I’m gonna play this. It looks like exactly what I would expect the continuation of Civ V to be after a Science victory. I hope that it continues most of the typical Civ V gameplay elements that I like. When this rolls out I’ll almost surely be playing it and posting my updates in the Info Blast. Stay Tuned below for the thrilling conclusion to my latest Civ V game!

    Borderlands 1.5

    This looks like fun. I will probably play this game also as long as the writing is up to BL2 standards.

    PAX South
    It’s neat to see another PAX, but I can only ever really make it to Prime reasonably.

    Side Note: It’d be nice if you guys would talk longer about the news stories that you bring up. Firstly, it would sound less like a litany of news that you seem to care little about, and second, it would allow me to write the Info Blast without having to pause the podcast every 30 seconds.

    Soda Drinker Pro
    What a terrible idea. It combines one of the touted features of Kinect (it gets gamers moving) with an activity that essentially negates that. Truly stupid.

    Twirling Spaghetti Fork
    I’m pretty sure there are electric versions of these now, so you don’t even have to turn the wheel yourself or use crazy springs.
    Yep! They do.
    Disclaimer: DiceAdmiral does not endorse this product. It is dumb. Turn your own fork you lay-about!

    Kurt Cobain Obituary:
    I could not find the article that Lusi read. Hopefully he’ll link it here.

    Hmm: Two weeks now with no “Woah we’re halfway there!”? Have you retired the bit?

    Wild Arms
    This appears to be what was teased, but had not been announced at time of megaphoning.
    Admiral’s note: Hex based Strategy games are pretty cool. This may be why I like Civ.
    I always enjoyed when Lusi ended up on the FancyCast, but I can’t imagine that happening after this tirade, oh well. At least there’s still TSM.


    So the anabaptist drowned but the 3 survivors had no problem reaching shore?

    Pangloss may be the least useful philosopher I’ve ever heard in a story, and that says quite a lot.

    This story is pretty amusing. I’m enjoying quite a lot.

    DiceAdmiral’s Gaming Moment:
    CIV V FINISHED! In a handful of turns I took both Cuzco and Honolulu, ending the game on exactly turn 400.
    Score Graph

    First Turn Map

    Turn 100 Map

    Turn 200 Map

    Turn 300 Map

    Last Turn Map

    Further Screenshots
    Will be playing Orcs Must Die! 2 Tonight.

    Final Note: This is the first time the Info Blast has attempted to include hyperlinks. It should look much nicer, but please bear with me if there are hiccups while I get the little kinks worked out.

  4. It looks like the links worked, but they are hard to differentiate from the main text. I’m not sure if I have control over that or if it’s a site design thing.

  5. @DA: IT’s site design. The link colour is a dark purple, rather than black. SQUINT!

  6. If anyone has feedback on if the embedded links are useful, I’d appreciate it. It does take longer to do it that way, and if no one really cares that much then I may not bother to do it a second time.

  7. I had no idea Cobain was such a prick. I wasn’t much of a music fan until shortly after his death, and I never engaged in the Nirvana fandom, though I won’t shy away from saying that I enjoyed a few of their songs when they were played on the radio. That aside, some of what he was quoted as saying here is just amazingly disgusting. What a self-centered, self-hating piece of shit. No wonder my generation remain such narcissistic, insufferable bastards. This was the kind of guy who served as a role model. Bleagh.

  8. It’d be nice if you guys would talk longer about the news stories that you bring up. Firstly, it would sound less like a litany of news that you seem to care little about, and second, it would allow me to write the Info Blast without having to pause the podcast every 30 seconds.


  9. Nirvana. Ugh! There was a time when I listened to them in high school but I was wrong. The funny thing is that I also got bullied real bad at that time but for whatever reason, listening to the best paid and least skilled guitarist in America didn’t make me feel any better about it.

    I’ve got to echo Lusipurr’s sentiments about Wild Arms. I played 1, 2, and 3, and loved them all. I remember the sprite art in the first game particularly impressing me. It’s been a long time since I’ve played them so I can’t comment on how well they stand the test of time. The first two games are on PSN. I’ll have to give them another play sometime. That news came out of nowhere for me. I didn’t expect to hear about a new Wild Arms game.

  10. I didn’t even listen to Nirvana in high school and I listened to Goldfinger. Goldfinger.

  11. Goldfinger, he’s the man
    The man with the midas touch–
    A spider’s touch.
    Such a cold finger
    Beckons you to enter his web of sin,
    But don’t go in!

  12. There you go Lusipurr. a donation of rice pudding with oreo cookie sprinkled on top. I’ve had my 3ds Mii transmit http://www.lusipurr.com for over a year, but guess that’s not good enough for the site. how’s the fountain of perpetual dissapointment coming along? put it up on the system you don’t want named with the profits going to your donation link.

  13. Oooh we’re doing Bond Themes?

    Arm yourself because no one else here will save you
    the odds will betray you and I will replace you
    You can’t deny the prize it may never fulfill you
    It longs to kill you, are you willing to die?
    The coldest blood runs through my veins
    You know my name

  14. I never listened to Nirvana, the last time I heard a conversation about it people were talking about a cartoon named Jem and the holograms and for some reason Nirvana was included (this happened in 1996).

    Wild arms 1 was such a good game for me, I love the intro music of the opening, It’s excellent. I could never play another until wild arms the 5th vanguard that had the incredible jpop theme Justice to believe, a Nana Mizuki theme .

    Secret Agent man is no a bond theme but is really good .

    DiceAdmiral – Your Info blast is always appreciated .

  15. I really didn’t know what Nirvana was, but thanks to Lusipurr.com, I know now and Knowing is half the battle :D

  16. I came to post some concurring Nirvana hate. Seems you all covered the subject well enough.

  17. I’m pretty sure this is the second time you’ve given 7thCircle credit on the podcast for my donation during that donation drive. I’m pretty sure he did snipe one of the deadline challenges, but it was I who got you to the $1000 mark on the last day of the drive.

    So you heard it here, first, readers: Break that donation record so that Lusipurr’s failing memory (you see, he is very old) can wipe your contribution from the record!

  18. @Brettsuo: It was you? AH! Well that makes more sense! And here, all this year, I thought it was 7thCircle who was the dick that made me play Fable! YOU BASTARD.

    I will remember (probably) going forward. My memory really is very bad about most things. Luckily, it’s exceptional when it comes to literature.

    We may do a donation drive over the summer. I would love to be able to pay for the site reg. and server use for the next 5 years or so, all at once, just so we don’t have to worry about it for a long time. Maybe we’ll do that–I’ve had some ideas lately. I’ll talk with the staff and see what they think.

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