TSM Episode 269: And Listeners Like You

The only treasure here is a wealth of terrible voice acting. TERRIBLE.
Time to search for the Mother Lode!

Download: Produced 2014.04.27

Spoiled for choice, Lusipurr puzzles over whether to play Mega Man Legends, Parasite Eve, Wild Arms, or Xenosaga. SiliconNooB and Imitanis attempt to confound him into playing Xenosaga, but the listeners step in, instead directing Lusipurr to Mega Man.


  1. Invincible INFO BLAST

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob

    Bad Intros
    I totally agree with this. If a game wants to take its opening slow then that’s fine, but it does need to have a compelling hook to keep you interested through the lull, and probably titbits throughout.

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Brettsuo
    I’m amused by this competition. It has already encouraged a lot of donated money. You’ve turned donating into a game Lusi, good woork.

    Donators elligible for drawing:
    Matt Dance
    Brettsuo [Corrected for you. -Lusi.]

    Feature options:
    Vagrant Story
    Suikoden II

    I still vote for Xeno. Mega Man is not really all that interesting to hear about.


    Zynga News

    Suikoden II Coming to PSN
    Maybe not?

    PS Vita Content Removed
    Why? This is so dumb.

    Gamestop Closing stores, shifting focus
    This is silly, but I can get it. When you have to insist that you get a new game in shrinkwrap then you’re not in a store that cares about you as a gamer. I didn’t used to make that demand at Gamestop, but when I bought The World Ends With You “New” it already had a save file…

    Day One XBones still in stock
    This is not surprising. This is what happens when you make your launch version noticeably different from regular stock. I would wager that there were similar or worse circumstances for Wii U, but most people didn’t notice because overstock is overstock in that case, regardless of manufacture date.

    Leap Motion Kinect

    OMNI Treadmill
    I could see this being fun as part of that old arcade culture of huge, unique experiences that could not be duplicated at home. It’s just missed it’s time by a decade or so.

    Ace Attorney Meiji

    Candide Read Along
    I am very much enjoying this. It’s like getting an audiobook in the podcast. This story is profoundly silly yet quite entertaining.

    DiceAdmiral’s Brettsuo Gaming Moment
    I really don’t have anything new to report this week. I’ve been pretty busy.

    Do Nate

  2. @D.A.: Both Brettsuo and Imitanis donated last week, and consequently Brettsuo is also eligible for the end-of-year drawing.

  3. @Lusi: That section went by pretty fast, I must have missed it. Thanks for the correction.

    I had an idea regarding bringing in other readers. You’ve said repeatedly that doing so is more valuable than donating (which I agree with). Could users who bring in more traffic be entered in the game drawing?

    Equalizes increasing readership with donating
    Rewards word of mouth

    How many readers are worth a $5 donation?
    How do you verify that new readers are unique people?


  4. We’ve actually discussed this before (we had a contest once for new readers).

    The problem is that referrals are nearly impossible to verify. More than that, it could lead to people referring themselves under a pseudonym to refer themselves under other pseudonyms, potentially allowing many entries into the drawing by a single person.

    Moreover there’s nothing to prevent someone just getting referrals from the uninterested who are commenting only to get someone’s name (or their own) in the drawing.

    We’ve never come up with a good way to deal with any of these issues. Over the summer, we may come up with a contest without a material reward and use that as a means of encouraging referrals–but at present, the donator drawing must needs remain exclusive to donators only (that said, this is the reason the bar for entry is *extremely* low).

  5. That makes sense. I was basically just throwing out ideas, and it sounds like you’ve already considered most of the things I was wondering about.

  6. Don’t forget, I’m interested in feedback on whether or not people are up for a Vagrant Story playthrough in late summer or early autumn!

  7. At the risk of making the comments section just a back and forth between me and Lusi, I’d like to say that I’m in favor of a site play through of any generally well-regarded game that I have easy access to. Having a PS3, Vagrant Story falls into that category.

  8. Vagrant story, for some reason that I can’t remember, I never completed that game. The weird thing is that I used to like it (but never finished it) .

    Lusipurr – You sounded waaaay too happy in the vote section xD (megaman winning).

  9. Isn’t the real winner xenosaga? with the votes of SN and Imitanis on the podcast for xeno, that whould be 5 votes for xeno and 4 votes for megaman legends. Your thoughts?

  10. Voting for Vagrant Story. It was a fantastic game… somewhat clunky combat mechanics aside, its story was amazing, the setting was deep and full of character, simply wonderful.

  11. Nicely played, Imitanis. I will not be attempting to take back that title anytime soon. Being the sponsor of the gaming moment is more than enough exposure for me. Besides, you have a decided advantage over me in that you can use insider information to snipe me just before the podcast is recorded.

    Lusipurr, I would definitely be interested in playing through Vagrant Story (my history with the game aligns with Ferchu’s) and a feature here would be the perfect motivation. I would probably prefer a Suikoden II playthrough, as I am currently playing through Suikoden I for the first time, but obviously if the PSN release falls through then that’s not really going to work.

  12. @Lusi: How about something like a featured comment? Every month or two you find the best comment and enter the user into the game drawing if they’re not already in? It encourages lots of comments and (in theory) good discussion. I suppose it still could still fall victim to one person gaming the system though. If someone is writing multiple insightful comments across multiple users then maybe that’s still a win?

    Just another random thought.

  13. @Brettsuo: To be fair, it’s not that much of an advantage–I often move the podcast recording time around, resulting in times that Imitanis can’t be there!

    I’m glad to hear people are interested in Vagrant Story. Let’s pencil that in for the end of summer.

    @Ferchu: SN and Imitanis didn’t post their votes on the thread, and we all know that votes uncast are not votes at all. TOO BAD!

  14. Great show! I have always been quite interested in Vagrant Story, so let’s play it! I have it on PS3 already! I played the beginning and some of it’s systems seem so cryptic. I was sitting there reading through the digital instruction manual, trying to figure out how crafting (or something like that) worked. I’m looking forward to giving it another shot because it seemed really cool to me.

  15. I’m not sure why people think I voted for the Xeno series. I chose Mega Man Legends in the comments last week.

    @Brettsuo: I planned on hitting the highest cumulative total when we started recording the podcast. I was going on your total in the previous podcast thread, though luckily Lusi informed me you had made a donation recently.

  16. Lusipurr – But you are ignoring their votes just because of details without importance and that is intellectually dishonest D:

    If you do that Lusipurr, terrible things can happen: This world headed for a disaster of biblical proportions, real wrath of God type stuff, Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!, Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave!. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  17. I am happy that Lusipurr seems to have arrived at the outcome he is most comfortable with. I was only really in favour of the Xeno series because I felt that it would lead to some funny rages.

  18. SN – me too but I have to say the most funny rages had to be the ones about england losing the ashes, THAT takes the cake .

  19. I really enjoy when australia England keeps on winning. England Australia is boring compared with the awesomeness of australia England.

    [Edited for clarity. -Lusi.]

  20. Lusipurr, you are really funny xD , but come on, england losed with the netherlands and it’s been a while since a good match was given by England . It is really boring when Australia smash england with such an ease like the last ashes .

    England is not winning and England is boring because of that :/ . I really truly want to see england changing that .

  21. @Ferchu: Pfui!

    Also, during the podcast, Imitanis and SN both supported the idea of a MegaMan playthrough.

    Never trust what I write in the blurb on the podcast thread. It’s all lies.

  22. Lusi – Australiaaaaa!!!! ( It is advised to read this with SN’s voice )

  23. I am curious now Lusipurr.

    Why do you still have a copy of xenosaga 2 ? I remember playing that game (it wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t really fun) and if you don’t like that game because of the endless battles, It makes more sense to sell the game since you are never going to want to play it.

    or you will in the future?

    I would be interested in playing through Vagrant Story but my ps3 is still not working. I would have to see if an emulator can work in my pc.

  24. I miss the section when the panel talk about 80’s music . Lion was great (the band who made the transformers theme song (1986) for the animated movie.

  25. There were two different theme songs from the film, and neither were done by DiCola if memory serves me correctly.

    ‘Megatron Must Be Stopped’ rocks my world though.

  26. I love the 80’s hard rock (and rock also) of the transformers movie . While DiCola songs are good the vocal songs will always rock (really hard) my world . The touch by stan bush and the transformers theme by Lion are one of those that can do such a thing.

    I think DiCola did some music for the rocky movies I think?

  27. While DiCola songs are good, the vocal songs will….

    I forgot to type a comma -.-

  28. I didn’t mean to imply that DiCola did the theme. I just mean that he did the score, which I find to be fantastic, especially Unicron’s theme:

    Aside from being a MASSIVE Transformers fan, I think the 86 animated movie is a cool 80’s movie with a really rockin’ score/soundtrack.

    I saw this movie so many times as a child that when I got the dvd in 2006 I realized that I knew the script by heart without having seen the film in over a decade.

  29. My favorite quote from the movie: “I’ve got better things to do tonight than die!”

  30. I watched the movie for the first time 2 years ago, I don’t know why was never released in Argentina ( maybe because they killed almost everyone and the kids must be protected from suffering and stuff ? ), but one of the most funny quotes has to be :

    we can’t hold out forever but we can give them one humongous repair bill!

    I think I like more this movie than the michael bay movies just because the humans are less important in the plot while the autobots and decepticons have a more important role in the movie. I didn’t have much interest about the ¨plot’s human side¨ .

    also, stupid hotrod

  31. So who is happy that peter parker is back and otto is out?

    yes, I read comics.

  32. So one direction is going to play 7 blocks away from my house and I will be able to listen to it’s music and the fans screaming like mad. My plan is to put some brown noise REALLY LOUD while I listen to MAP or some rpgcast from the past when Lusipurr, Ethos and Montock THE DESTROYER were in it, hoping to fend off the horrible and annoying sounds that will come from the Stadium where (sadly) one direction will play .

  33. Lusi, I may joke around alot on these posts, and you may bust on RPGamer alot, but one of their members died this Past week, Andrew Long. someone you worked with while there, and I would hope you or any of the former members of that site would at the very least post something on that site in memorium to him. thank you.
    John “Drachonus” McKelvey

  34. How about you do it instead of demanding that others do it.

  35. the reason I placed that up is because some of you had worked with him and I was trying to not only let you know but was trying to reach what civilised humanity was left. obviously that is impossible and since I didn’t know him even in passing, it wouldn’t have the same gravitas.

  36. Sorry to get your tits in a tizzy, Drachonus – but most everyone that actually knew him already has their own approach to mark his passing without having to glom onto a mawkish CatFancy thread.

    Personally, the only contact that I ever had with the guy was by dint of Lusi hiring him to work here for about two days until it became apparent that he couldn’t perform his job. Because of that I had him following me on Twitter, and subsequently had him throw a bitch fit at me because of something I posted – forcing me to tell him to quit whining and unfollow.

    I do not like the fact that he is dead, and would prefer that he wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean that I’m about to pretend that I liked or respected the guy, because that would just be disingenuous.

  37. Thanks for the link, Drachonus, we speak to Andrew’s unfortunate passing in the upcoming podcast.

    Julian, while your candor is generally appreciated, perhaps you might consider that if you had little connection to Andrew, then the appropriate response might be to stay out of the conversation.

  38. If the two of you gentlemen cannot be nice to each other on a Sunday, I’ll take away your commenting rights and eat all of the chocolate myself.

    We don’t generally expect people to censor their comments, however candid and upsetting they may be.

    But we also don’t generally encourage our staff members to lob obscenities at each other, however provoked they may feel.

  39. I felt I was being nice, kind, and certainly not intending to provoke but I will gladly give up my chocolate rights regardless. It’s hard to have perspective surrounding topics like this sometimes.

  40. Fine, no chopsticks for Ethos and no beer for SN.

    Keep it up and I’ll put you in the orange chairs with a copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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