Editoral: Adventures in DayZ

With the recent hating on DayZ by Lusi “Huge Nerd” Purr, I have decided to chronicle some of the highlights of my time playing the standalone game. While the game does have its flaws and bugs, I could easily look past these as the rest of the game is a lot of fun. Oh, and it IS a game, Lusipurr. No matter what you have to say about it.

DayZ: Come for the zombies, stay for the view!
DayZ: Come for the zombies, stay for the view!

Day 1: I have woken up on a beach in some sort of Eastern European country. All I have on me is a flashlight, a battery, and the clothes on my back. While I can walk, I have yet to remember how to run. I walk along the beach until I see someone running up to me. He asks me if I am hungry and drops a can of food on the ground telling me to eat it. I tell him I do not know how to pick it up, but he cannot seem to hear me as he keeps telling me to eat the food. His demands get louder and louder, along with my cries of ignorance over how to. The stranger takes out an axe and starts hitting me with it and saying it is because I did not eat the food. I die on the beach.

Day 2: I have now read more on the game and know how to do basic things like run, pick up and use items, and crouch. I have also met a group of other new players who are journeying to the closest major city they call “Elektro.” Two of them scout up ahead when we reach a small town and the other three, including me, stay back and hide in the bushes until we know it is safe to continue on and loot the town. This never happens, as we see them run down the road being chased by a man. The three of us hiding run out and attempt to attack the man chasing our friends, but not until he punches and knocks out one of our group, Lexy. He also forced me to eat some rotten food before we finally overpower him and he dies. We loot his body and continue on our journey to Elektro.

Day 3: We have finally made it to Elektro. We split into groups of two to loot the major buildings. I find a pistol and some ammo for it, but no magazine so I am only able to load one bullet at a time. Finishing our looting we decide to meet at the church in the city, as it is the easiest building to find. I run in it with our group member Rado when we both hear a man tell us to back away. Out of a dark corner of the church we see someone aiming an assault rifle at us and then two more come out from behind the other corners. Rado tells them we just wanted to use the church as our meeting place, but the men tell us to leave again. We start backing out of the church when a zombie attacks us and the strangers shoot it down. Unfortunately Kevin, another member of our group, comes to the church then and thinks the strangers are shooting at us. He takes cover and begins firing his assault rifle and Rado and I are killed in the crossfire. The last thing I hear is Kevin telling the strangers in the church they are outnumbered four-to-one and they might as well drop all their gear and give up.

Every day is cardio day in DayZ!
Every day is cardio day in DayZ!

Day 4: I respawn on what seems to be the same beach as before and make my way toward Elektro, stopping at a town along the way and finding some gear. I learn that Kevin was killed in the gunfight from the night before along with Linkas, another member of our group. We all decide to meet on the outskirts of the city, as the only two group members who survived are in the city. We meet in the city, loot it without any other incidents, and continue on to our next destination: the airfield and military camp. We arrive there with little resistance, other than the occasional zombie attack. At this point our group is outfitted with backpacks to hold our items, assault rifles, crossbows, fire axes, and pistols. We loot the airfield and the military camp, finding much needed magazines for our weapons and other essential supplies. While we do not encounter any human enemies, it is a tense situation as there is a lot of open space to run through and lots of places for snipers to take cover. After gearing up we hide on a nearby hill and rest for the night before continuing on to the next town.

Day 5: I make the unfortunate decision to continue on alone. While I do not encounter any human enemies, I meet my unfortunate fate on the top of a shipping crane. I climb it to see if there is anything to loot, take a wrong step, and fall to my death on the cold, hard concrete below. My other group members start their journey to my body in the attempt to save my gear for me, but run into a group of bandits along the way. Taking cover in a nearby house, my group attempts to take the bandits down and make the world a better place, but they are killed in the process. Thus ends our DayZ adventure for the time being.


  1. I played the DayZ mod back when it was relatively new. Fun game, except the controls were fucking bonkers.

    The one story I managed to craft in my short time playing was when I played online with a friend. We spawned pretty far apart along the beach (where apparently you still spawn in the standalone version). He said he was near a lighthouse. I said I thought I knew which one, so I began traveling West to meet him. (this was back when you needed to pull up a map of the game in a separate browser window. Dunno if that’s still the case) Anyway, after much sprinting and dodging of zombies I find him atop the lighthouse. He sees me.

    He then gets too excited and falls off the lighthouse, dies and spawns back where I was originally, the end.

  2. This is just an open-world sandbox mod. It is not a game. There are no victory conditions. There are no goals. It might be an entertainment, or a pastime, or even a hobby–but a game? No, for the very same reason that playing in a sandbox, or building with Lego, or learning how to grow turnips are not ‘games’. You might create for yourself some goals, but since they are not systemic goals, it is not a game.

    A game has systemic victory and defeat conditions. If they have to be imposed from without, it’s not a game any longer, but rather something else which has been ‘gamified’ by externals.

  3. @Mel: yeah, sounds like a typical story from DayZ. I do find some of the fun to be looting towns and cities while trying to meet up with your friends.

    @Lusipurr: No.

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