TSM Episode 277: A Just World

Lusipurr says, 'The best defence of justice is a justice system which provides for a good defence.'
Rumpole of the Bailey

Download: Produced 2014.06.22

Lusipurr and Iliya settle down for a delightful evening discussing the Cricket, the litigiousness of the video game industry, the necessity of justice in fair game design, and the likelihood of a long and successful life for Nintendo’s beleaguered Wii U.


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  1. I originally played Out of This World on my friend’s 3DO. At the time it was really mind blowing.

    Also for section suggestions can we just have a “gyme” section? Or Gyme Vs Bup?

  2. Don’t count on it. Too difficult to arrange, as a general rule. It’s enough trouble making a time for which my actual hard-working panelists can attend without having to add another non-staff person into the mix.

  3. INFO BLAST Uncovers the Occulus Conspiracy!

    This week’s panel:
    Iliya Early
    Lusipurr ???

    Donated this week:
    $40 to Make Bup Pay!
    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Brettsuo

    Donators elligible for drawing:
    Matt Dance
    KoboldDeKobold/Absurdist Kobold
    Peter V.

    Cricket News
    That match sounds crazy.

    MineCraft Servers Disallow buying of Game-Effecting Items

    Final Fantasy Explorers
    LOL, Square Enix Litigated

    Reggie: Wii U has a long life ahead

    Rare and Lionhead: Crownjewels
    I think you guys misinterpreted the quote slightly. Rare and Lionhead are crown jewels, but not THE crown jewels. There are several ‘crown jewel’ companies, of which Rare and Lionhead are two.

    Mario Kart 8 Mercedes DLC
    Easy pass

    Riot Games buyouts

    TF2 Update

    Judge Rules on Nintendo v Phillips

    Sr Bastion programmer leaves for Occulus
    I’m beginning to think that Occulus is just a front for some sort of interstellar space program or SkyNet creation project. Why else would they need so many programmers?

    Another World coming out again

    Scott Imitanis Mundy Literature Corner
    Wallace Stevens

    Autumn readings:
    Interview With a Vampire

    DiceAdmiral’s Brettsuo Gaming Moment
    This week I played a little more Mario Kart 8 and a bunch of board games. The later included: Snake Oil. This is a pretty fantastic little party game where one player is a buyer and is assigned a role like ‘Hippie’ or ‘Trucker’ and the other players are salesmen. The salesmen have hands of nouns that they will combine into an item to pitch to the buyer. Examples from our game were: Baby Club, Meat Handle, Ice Virus, Pyjama Parade and Toy Party. Each salesmen gets 30 seconds to pitch their item to the buyer who then chooses an item to buy and gives the role card to the winner. When the game ends, the player with the most role cards wins. It’s pretty fun and creates some great in jokes.

  4. @DiceRecruit:

    “That match sounds crazy.”
    Wait until you hear about the one that is going on now. Day 4 (today) was something truly astonishing. I’ve seen some rubbish Cricket before, but England today were spectacularly bad. I think Captain Cook may resign soon at this rate…
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s inevitable defeat before lunch. :/

    I think you guys misinterpreted the quote slightly
    Whether we did or not is immaterial, the criticism remains the same. If one considers Rare and Lyin’ Head to be ‘crown jewel’ companies, then one’s judgement is well and truly bonkers.

    Oh well, MS will always have Donkey Kong!

    Why else would they need so many programmers?
    Because the people behind Oculus know that, because Oculus is shitty technology that no one *really* needs, the only way they’re going to sell it is with a lot of big names and a high volume of launch software (note: volume, not quality). For that, many people are needed. This won’t save it, but it will help to stave off a crash-and-burn at launch.

    “Pyjama Parade”
    I bet you’d like that!

    Just an FYI: your comments will approve more easily if you don’t type full staff member names in your info blast. It can end up in the spam filter that way. Just use handles, please!

  5. @Lusi: I’m not sure I understand that policy. The names of staff members are publicly available on this site.

  6. @DiceRecruit
    “I’m not sure I understand that policy.”
    I’m not asking you to understand it. I’m requiring you to obey it.

    To answer your comment: yes, staff member names are available (except for mine), but…

    1) their bio pages are not indexed (or, at least, are programmed not to be indexed–whether spiders obey that or not is another matter);
    2) if a staff member wants to remove their name from the site, I can do that with the push of a button for all posts and pages. But I cannot easily FIND and then EDIT every single comment containing their name.

    The same rule applies for readers, in fact, unless a reader uses their full name as their handle (as in the case of Matt Dance).

    Hence, the spam filter is designed to block such instances for the reasons above (and some other reasons besides).

    Now that you know, I won’t be fishing your comments out of the spam filter if they fall afoul of the blacklist!

  7. Fair enough. I’ll make that change going forward. It would be helpful if you could note whether a name you read as a donator is a handle or not for the purposes of avoiding your spam filter.

  8. @DiceAdmiral: The only person I know of whose handle is their user name is Matt Dance.

    I still think he should go by Dancing Matt. That’s too good to pass up.

  9. I wonder whatever happened to DefChaos, and EvilPaul, and Squalldane, and cram, and Epyon01, and DanChiSao, and Berserk, and Oyashiro…

    We miss them!

  10. At Lusipurr.com you either read long enough to become an employee or you leave at random.

  11. Great podcast guys!. I hope you can get to 100 dollars before the next podcast but just because we have never seen nate being serious it doesn’t mean he can’t be. Maybe he will show everyone wrong? or maybe not xD

  12. @Ferchu: With only four days to go, it’s going to be close. May go down to the last day on Monday next. Here’s hoping we make it!

  13. Maybe we should have a ‘reconnect!’ feature, where we appeal to long-silent listeners to comment, just to see if they’re still out there… somewhere…


    We’re $40 over our goal thanks to Billy and Les!

  15. AWESOME! This should be fun. It looks like they both tried to donate the remainder. Were their donation times very close? Btw, are either or both donators already on my donator list above or should I be adding them for next week’s Info Blast?

  16. @DiceAdmiral: The donations were about 10h apart. Neither name is on your list, so they’ll be mentioned in the podcast and will get added during the Info Blast.

    Last-minute 150%+ challenge to those who have not yet donated: For every additional $20 raised beyond this point (i.e. at 160, 180, etc), I will include a short 10-15 minute Lusi-versus-Bup segment in a July podcast, in which he and I will ‘discuss’ (i.e. argue about) a CURRENT ISSUE in the video game industry.

  17. Absolutely broke, I couldn’t throw down on the Bub challenge – thanks for the PSN, Persona 3 FES tip however. This, I was able to (spare wallet change) manage, and having never played a Persona tile – Sirs, thank you.

    I don’t think there’s a TSM live chat stream? Could afford a tweet for Bup, I’m sure he will be the perfect podcast gent – look forward to ep 278. Great show, awesome editorials, features and hosts.

  18. @SKS: Not to worry, word-of-mouth remains the best way to support Lusipurr.com. Money allows us to renew our domain, pay for our hosting, buy software, etc., but it doesn’t add listeners. Only our readers can do that–and the best part is that it’s free!

    There is no live chat stream, but that is something we’ll be discussing at our Staff Meeting next Saturday.

  19. @Lusipurr – Spoken Word Bub retelling/review of his day with Ethos yes yes? :) Congrats all around everybody.

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