TSM Episode 281: Headache and Heartbreak

No access to Dragon's Keep or Skullcandy? Wow. What a brass dampener.
J. S. Hall has his afternoon pinball break.

Download: Produced 2014.07.20

After a night of hat trading, Lusipurr shows up late, forgets to record the podcast, and fails to use his microphone. The headaches never end, and, when the podcast fails to work on Vista, heartbreak abounds. SiliconNooB, Imitanis, and Mel co-star. PG-13.


  1. Info Blast

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Brettsuo

    Donators eligible for drawing:
    Dancing Matt
    Absurdist Kobold
    Billy B.
    Les E.
    Martin B.

    Feature: Select-A-Misery
    Everyone Vote

    Cricket LBW

    Early Access for XBox

    RPGamer’s preview policy
    That’s totally idiotic. One of the most popular board game reviewers does paid game previews and he is clear upfront that he does not feel that it would be fair to his payers to say bad thing during a preview. At a later point he will do a full no-punches-pulled review. This bugs me a little, but I think it may be the only way to really do it. The difference is that RPGamer is not paid for previews (to my knowledge) and does not make obvious their no-negativity policy.

    Not “She-Thor”, not “Thor Girl”, just Thor

    Microsoft Cleans out Nokia

    Woahhhh The halfway’s back!

    Type-0 Cease and Desist

    Gamasutra Polls Youtube Reviewers

    Kotick is Kotick

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Imitanis Literature Corner Dramatic Reading
    I tried to find a link to this but couldn’t come up with anything.
    @Lusi: If you still have it, I’d appreciate an embed here.
    [CLICK THIS. There you go! -Lusi]

    Brettsuo Gaming Moment
    I saw a minor league baseball game and played Cornhole though neither was very interesting.


    Event Calendar

  2. @DiceAdmiral: I hate little dogs.

    They are indeed not paid for their previews, nor are any reviewers in the Video Game industry. Of course, the industry of video game journalism is almost entirely in the pocket of game developers at this point, so quibbling over shill previews is a bit like complaining about the choice of cake at a party where everyone has been violently murdered.

    Good on you for supporting the minor leagues. One thing I find particularly infuriating about sport in general, but American sport in particular, is the total inattention given to anything below the top-line teams. In English Cricket, below the national team there are the county sides in divisions, and below them the club sides and stuff. People actually pay attention to the county sides and such–not as much as should be, but far, far more than is paid to our own minor leagues. ANGER.

    Good to see the Info Blast as always!

  3. The podcast so nice, we did it twice!

    Also, on the subject of changing super heroes, I had this funny thought for a press release at work today:

    “Word is in that DC is changing one of their iconic characters. Wonder Woman is now a man. Will still be called Wonder Woman.”

  4. @DiceAdm: They are small dogs and they are horrible.

    Incidentally, the very post to which you linked states that they are prone to excessive barking, and that they have high-pitched barks which can ‘set your teeth on edge’.

    I know what Corgis are. I have friends who keep them. They are not tiny dogs, but touting them as ‘big’ is ridiculously disingenuous. They are small. They are also horrible.

  5. As a result of today’s donation, I believe Brettsuo is now the largest cumulative and single-instance donator, and as such the literature corner will be renamed the BRETTSUO LITERATURE CORNER henceforth.

  6. I’ve lost my literature corner…. Oh well, pay day is right around the corner.

  7. @SN
    I agree! That’s why the staff member links for the last few weeks have been to images from http://www.reddit.com/r/corgi. I figured that if anyone actually clicked those links then I would hear about it, so I just kept doing it until someone said something. I guess maybe it’s time for a new hidden game in the Info Blast.

  8. Seriously, all these make me want to do is strike the pictured animal.

    Little dogs are awful. The people who own them are similarly awful. Tie them all in a sack together–a great big one–and drop it in the sea.

    Here’s a proper dog:

  9. @Lusi: The Queen has 16 Corgis. They’re the dog breed of the Royal Family and they’re much better dogs than the national dog (English Bulldog). Being the Anglophile you are, it’s amusing to hear you say that.

    @SKS: Did you donate and I missed you? My list is unofficial, I just do it to keep track because I was curious of my own odds last year and thought it might be useful. Hopefully Lusi uses his actual donation records to do the actual drawing, but I will add you to my list if you’ve been forgotten.

  10. @DiceEnsign: The fact that the Queen keeps Corgis does not make them ‘the dog breed of the Royal Family’ any more than her predilection for a certain style of hat makes the said hat ‘the hat style of the Royal Family’. There’s no royal warrant for Corgis.

    As for trotting out that old humbug–‘he’s an Anglophile!’–please. I’m no more an Anglophile than I am a Francophile. In fact, the latter is more likely. You couldn’t pay me to live in Britain, but I would happily live in France for the right price. Studying a literature (especially a literature which is as much our own) does not make me an uncritical appreciator of an entire culture. I enjoy Cricket and tea, but so do the people of India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, and so on. Conceptually reducing British culture (or indeed any culture) down to a sport and a drink is a terribly impoverished way of thinking about the world.

    The fact is that Corgis are little rat dogs. You’re welcome to try and toss labels at me, but it doesn’t make Corgis any less awful and ratty. So, instead of accusing me of cultural obliqueness, might I suggest you look for a purse in which to carry your dog? Perhaps, whilst you’re at it, you can don one of the queen’s hats, and make a set out of it.

  11. …for carrying in a purse? Absolutely. On this point, we are in agreement.

  12. @DiceAdmiral: Thank you for that. The prosecution rests. Blessed is he that condemneth not himself in that which he alloweth.

  13. When talking about dogs, I would be inclined to have a gold retriever or a german shepherd . I don’t feel much for small dogs .

    Lusi- That dog is gigantic O.O

  14. Irish wolfhounds are amazing.

    With dogs, bigger is generally better. If I cannot ride it to work, why have it in the first place?

  15. Going back to checking up on the shows I missed, this one is just mind-numbing. You guys are having a full panel discussion about everything that GamerGate brought out just months later. Well done.

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