TSM Episode 291: Final Fantasy Road Warriors

You see a car full of stupid visual kei tropes. The adamantoise sees a small snack box.
Travel the world. See the sights.

Download: Produced 2014.09.28

On the back of an interview with Hajime Tabata, Lusipurr expresses some mild concerns about Final Fantasy XV, Mel dives headfirst into the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and Bup prepares to deliver an in-depth evaluation of the recent iPhone 6 launch.


  1. Lusipurr’s rant is amazing. FFXV’s details are certainly concerning. IX was my first RPG outside of some 90s freeware D&D games on the Mac and Quest64. It is a great start.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout Lusipurr. Commenting on a site where you know what you say is read (and engaged with at times) is nice.

    I’m still holding out hope XV will turn out to be a game and not just the CGI movie with button prompts it sounds to be. As it’s only 55% complete (if I recall correctly) maybe this interview and ensuing fan outcry (there’s been a lot) will make Square rethink this direction. They are after the bottom line ultimately, afterall.

    Re:Hyrule Warriors: It’s a curiosity, but certainly not a 60 dollar one. I’ve got a Musou game lined up for the year ahead, and one is enough for several years.

    I would like to say that the background music during the rants or discussions seem to be more distraction than accompaniment. The points you make are strong enough without any need for enhancement and hearing them unaccompanied makes them more pronounced. Although I do love how the rant gaveway to random censorship and elevator music (that sounds suspiciously like something from Mega Man Legends).

    Thanks for another great show gang.

  3. @Kisaki: If I were going to start my RPG experiences over from square one, I would start with FFIX. It’s not the best RPG, it’s not the most complex, it hasn’t got the best soundtrack, but what it does do–better than almost any game I can think of–is establish a setting and characters which are all charming. FFIX is the RPG equivalent of an enchantress’ spell. How can one play it and not be hooked on the genre?

    @Wolfe: We’ve done the music-backing quite a few times before, although not recently: the trick is to duck it correctly so that it fills silence but doesn’t intrude when speaking. I’ll keep working on it–it’s nice to have a relevant selection there for the two feature slots in the new format. If we can’t get it to work, we’ll drop it. But, it also allows for some great sound gags (as you’ve heard). I particularly enjoyed backing TheFallenSun with an increasingly loud and intrusive rendition of the theme song from Dallas.

    One more thing: the music in the technical difficulties section was a piece of production music. No Mega Man connexion there, although it wouldn’t have been too out of place in Mega Man Legends.

  4. Does anyone else think that XV sounds exactly like an action game equivalent of All the Bravest?

    If you keep pressing ‘X’ then your party will be able to continue acting however the fuck they want…

  5. Here’s a fun additional detail – apparently the game’s AI is responsible for targeting enemies too…

    More on this in my news post.

  6. @SN: I think I may have mentioned that it is like All the Bravest in one of my comments on last week’s news post. This is *exactly* what it sounds like–in fact, even less interaction, because All the Bravest requires constant, frenetic input, whereas XV just requires periodically tapping one button.

    If the game’s AI is responsible for targetting, FF is dead.

    Do we have a way of getting news on the Japanese response to this interview? Maybe we can gauge how people are responding (widespread/marginal, positive/negative).

  7. I always wanted to play a Final Fantasy game that David Cage would be proud of. Now if only they can get Ellen Paige and Andrew Dice Clay to do mocap! Press X to win!

  8. @Lusi: Wow, that resemblance to the MML score is uncanny. And boy do I miss that series.

    I’d also like to add that I too played XII without the gambits, just pushing X all the way through. Ivalice is a world that really begs to have more titles set in it.

  9. @Fumunshu: All your dreams are coming truuuuuuuuuue~~~~

    @Wolfe: I think it’s better without the gambits, honestly. The AI will handle ‘auto-attack’ on a target once a character is told to attack it, which is really the only repetitive part of the FF battle system. That leaves me to select targets and do everything else–you know, the fun part! Why would I want to automate that away?

    SN’s dire news strips yet another enjoyable thing from the FF franchise. XV is looking to be the worst thing they’ve ever done to fans of the series.

  10. Info Blast Demos Out

    This week’s panel
    Not featuring:
    Not Bup

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for drawing:
    Greg H.
    John V.
    Matthew D.
    John M.
    Brett W.
    Aram Z.
    Peter V.
    Billy B.
    Les E.
    Martin B.
    Jeremy V.
    Simon H.

    Fall Playthrough
    Vagrant Story
    Begins Next week?

    Hype and Go Seek
    None this week. Lusi got distracted.

    See Above
    Hajime Tabata Doesn’t Want You to Play FFXV (he’d rather you just watch it)

    Destiny Patched

    COD dev Dave Anthony to help pentagon fight future wars
    This is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read.
    “You Can’t Have Two First Names” -Lusipurr lol [You can’t type real life names in your comment; it will go to the spam filter. You need to watch for this. I’ve corrected it for you here. -Ed.]

    Oregon Trail LARP
    That sounds kind of awesome.

    Child of Light Team Moves Forward

    Blizzard Abandons Titan MMO Project After 7 Years

    The Blacklist is awful. James Spader is tolerable, but the rest of the acting is just atrocious. That lead FBI agent is totally unbelievable.

    WoW Allows Restoring Deleted Characters (Not News?)

    Smash Bros. Tournament

    New 3DS Announced for Australia and New Zealand, still not for NA

    Castlevania for Virtual Console
    Circle of the Moon is a damn good game. It’s the launch game that I had for my GBA and it was a lot of fun, had tight controls, awesome music, and loads of replayability.

    PS Home Shuts Down

    iPhone 6 Bends

    Hyrule Warriors
    What’s with the background music under this segment?

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
    Jumping to conclusions is pretty great. The usage of language in this book is utterly fantastic.
    “You can swim all day in the sea of knowledge and come out dry, most do” LOL, great.
    “We use the broken ones for fractions.” :D

    Bup Talk
    iPhone 6

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    This week I played the Smash Bros. 3DS demo. I think it convinced me to wait for the Wii U version. I have similar feelings to Lusi on the subject. I’m going to play the game, and I’ll enjoy it more on Wii U, and I’ll probably never play the 3DS one again after I get the Wii U version. I wonder if there’s time to cancel my Amazon pre-order?

    “Rate us in iTones” – Lusipurr

  11. @DiceAdmiral: Vagrant Story Begins Next week?
    Nope, not until after 24 October.

    Hype and Go Seek None this week. Lusi got distracted.
    I didn’t forget. It was dropped from the new format.

    Cricket. See Above.
    As superscribed.

    What’s with the background music under this segment?
    You’ll notice that both feature presentations have backing music. It’s something on which we are working.

    I wonder if there’s time to cancel my Amazon pre-order?
    As long as it hasn’t shipped yet; yes. That will probably happen (have happened) at some point today. Try quickly!

  12. “I didn’t forget. It was dropped from the new format.”
    It’d be nice if you announced format changes so we don’t get too confused as the podcast changes week to week.

    “Try quickly!”
    I did manage to cancel it. If I change my mind before Friday then I’ll just pick it up at retail, I’m sure there will be copies available.

  13. @DiceAdmiral: It’d be nice if you announced format changes so we don’t get too confused as the podcast changes week to week.

    Um, I announced that it was coming in last week’s podcast, actually.

    If I change my mind before Friday then…

  14. I guess it just wasn’t clear what things were accidental flubs and which are intentionally left it. I’m trying to keep the InfoBlast template up to date and you sure ain’t making it easy!

    I might. We’ll see.

  15. @DiceAdmiral: I’m trying to keep the InfoBlast template up to date and you sure ain’t making it easy!
    Now that I know this, expect FAR more formatting contortions.

    I might.

  16. @DA and Lusi: About Smash 3DS, I don’t know about a “don’t”, it could be a “maybe”. You can do a maybe. It’s a solid maybe, solid as they come.

  17. @Mel: He himself said he won’t play it after the Wii U version comes out. That’s not a maybe, that’s a don’t.

  18. I probably would except that the controls are too small and wonky compared to the gamecube controls that I’m used to for smash.

  19. Hi all again! . So there are background music in some parts? I have mixed feelings about that.

  20. @Ferchu: Only in the two feature blocks. We’re working on implementing it properly. This week it was consistently de-amped; next week we’ll be trying a ducking procedure instead.

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