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Greetings fellow humans! It appears I have been given the opportunity to work with you fine folks, and for that I am grateful. However, I must first confess that I learned of a basement in need of an occupant, and my caffeine-addled brain rationalized that staying underground is probably safer, no matter how deliberately uncomfortable the seating. Any sort of furnished dwelling with depth is typically an easy sell to me and my kin, who prefer their environs to be dimly illuminated and relatively removed from the harmful gaze of Earth’s yellow sun. That there is a writing opportunity involved is a delicious icing on the cake.

I think it might go without saying that I enjoy games. They have, in one way or another, been a part of my life ever since my younger self figured out that the Intelivision’s controller was so much more than an imaginary telephone. As it turns out, it was a key to a multidimensional door. I do not remember much from my childhood, but memories of dodging terrible robots in Night Stalker are easily the clearest images I can recall from those days, next to the ones of my mom informing me that it was way past my bedtime and something about it being a “school night.”

Those humble beginnings have never been forgotten, even as I aged and began to explore other areas of interest. These days, while not working on a MUD, or generally seeking fun of the gaming variety, I can often be found thumbing the dials of a shortwave or ham radio, giving a few hunks of wood a new purpose involving holding humans and their things, or devouring a book or two. I find myself particularly drawn to sci-fi, but my unquenchable thirst for knowledge leads me to turn some very strange and wonderful pages. This has left me with a fairly strong policy of knowing what I do not know, and aiming to fix it.

There is another aspect to gaming that I am extremely fond of, and that is board games. It could be argued that my strong affinity toward cardboard and dice is the result of a Pavlovian connection to my friend’s candy bowl, which I will often pilfer as we attempt to conquer a world of strategy on his dining room table. I will deny this connection as false representation of my actions, as they are merely an attempt to clear space for the neglected treats sitting in his cupboard. I am just doing my part in helping control the sweets population.

In the end, I enjoy writing. I suppose that is why I am a fan of RPGs. There is a story to tell, and in some cases, it is up to us to tell it. Story telling and playing games are ancient traditions that ring certain bells with me, which I find impossible to ignore. It is my goal to bring something of value to the collective table while being willing to both improve and learn something in the process. My being here is an act of growth and I am delighted to be a part of the team!


  1. WELCOME! Enjoy the wondrous benefits to Lcom employment, such as

  2. Awesome. Congrats on your very own orange chair and manacles!

  3. We’ll have you fitted for manacles before you know it.

    This is; no off-the-peg ironmongery here, no sir. Our oppression is bespoke.

  4. I will never forgive you for dropping me into the lava floor of the Nether.

  5. Hello Nick. Sincere reply welcoming you to the site. Hello Nick.

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