News: Think Radical Feminism Is Harmless to Gaming? Take a Trip to Australia!

Academic studies continually disprove the feckless assertions of moral puritans like Jack Thompson and feminists that video games elicit undesirable behaviours, yet feminists are never held to account for their irresponsible views.
GTAV causes rape. I own GTAV. Guess I gotta rape someone now… :(

Radical Feminism Strikes a Blow to Australian Gamers!

In Australia if a controversy is worth having, then it is worth having late. A year too late to be precise. This week both Target and Kmart retail chains have decided to pull copies of the veritable cultural sensation, Grand Theft Auto V, from store shelves, after listening to the entitled bleating of myopic feminists who have once again been spreading their lies and dogma, as per usual. The nagging harpies of the internet managed to cobble together over forty-six thousand signatures demanding that retailers cease stocking the biggest game of 2013 on account their inane reckon that the title will teach “yet another generation of boys to tolerate violence against women“, all while “It is fuelling the epidemic of violence experienced by so many girls and women in Australia – and globally.” Funny how Grand Theft Auto V has managed to bring about the complete dissolution of Australian society within the span of a year. Also funny is the fact that the game poses such a grave moral danger to an entire generation of boys when it has been rated 18+, and cannot be sold to minors. Jack Thompson could probably tell them ‘I told you so’ on both counts.

This cackling cabal of shrill femitarians was predictably crowing with hubris at their ‘victory’ over the Australian consumer, and gave themselves extensive pats on the back in their self-congratulatory post, We won! Target, Kmart withdraw Grand Theft Auto from shelves:

Great news – we’ve won! Target (and breaking news: Kmart now too!) have pulled Grand Theft Auto 5 from shelves across the country in response to our 40,000-strong petition.

This is a huge win. For years, games like Grand Theft Auto have got away with this in-game misogyny and sexual violence.

It’s games like this that normalise rape and sexual violence. You’ve helped send a message to family retailers and brands that their consumers have had enough, and they’ve started listening.

As for Target and Kmart, if they are going to allow these hollering moral puritans to dictate what content adult consumers are able to purchase, then it would be nice if they would stop carrying all software rated 18+ – that way it would at least be immediately apparent that they only stock games for babies. That would be the morally consistent thing to do. As it stands, they have seen fit to continue stocking other adults only materials on the basis that no one is causing a fuss about it – yet.

While these products often contain imagery that some customers find offensive, in the vast majority of cases, we believe they are appropriate products for us to sell to adult customers.

However, in the case of GTA5, we have listened to the strong feedback from customers that this is not a product they want us to sell.

Over the past several years one has witnessed on many occasions individuals expressing concern over feminism’s increasing colonisation of the gaming press, only to be rebuffed and made the object of ridicule by douchey hipsters reciting their patronising mantra: “We’re not going to take your games away. We just want more diversity.” This is a sentiment which is often spoken by one side of a certain crowd-funding shonk’s mouth, even while the other side claims that games cause domestic violence and masculinity is the root cause of America’s mass shootings. Hell, just last week this individual featured in a Youtube sing-along titled ‘We Are Not Jack Thompson’ – a vapid argument that game journo pros seem all too willing to simply listen to and believe. Well, to these obnoxious turds one wishes to extend a sincere and heartfelt invitation to come visit the sun-blasted nanny-state of Australia, and please, by all means, pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V while you are here!

Speaking seriously though, the author of this article wishes to express the sincere hope that any and all of the signatories to this intellectually feeble petition [be they man, woman, or child] become a statistic in the very near future, starting with its author, ‘Nicole Survivor’.

It would be nice if the money was going to first party development instead, but this is still top kek.
Yes, you may has Street Fighter V, Shuhei.

Street Fighter V Is a PS4 Console Exclusive

Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops this year when it comes to chequebook game development, snaffling up first Titanfall and then Rise of the Tomb Raider as Xbox exclusives. This week Sony appear to have finally found voice to offer Microsoft a retort in the form of Street Fighter V console exclusivity for the PS4. In terms of brand-name recognition this is likely bigger than either of Microsoft’s acquisitions, yet due to the amount Street Fighter fatigue experienced as a result of last generation’s endless Street Fighter IV iterations, this may end up being less significant than Microsoft’s purchase of either Titanfall or Rise of the Tomb Raider. In fact, Street Fighter fatigue may have been the sole reason that Sony was even able to obtain exclusivity for the game.

A thing that one has noticed occurring on a lot of on comment threads on this topic is the claim that PS4 owners are hypocrites for trashing Microsoft for buying up exclusivity for Titanfall and Rise of the Tomb Raider, yet not badmouthing Sony for obtaining exclusivity for the latest entry in the Street Fighter franchise. Such arguments only make sense if one is ignorant of the facts, or if one is stupid. In the case of both of the Microsoft exclusives, their existence was known long before their exclusivity was ever announced, and Rise of the Tomb Raider had already released footage and screetshots, appearing to all the world like a multi-platform game. By contrast, the existence of Street Fighter V was unconfirmed until a trailer was released which confirmed that it was in existence as a PS4 exclusive. Ultimately, companies buying exclusivity for pre-established third party franchise games is not a terribly empowering thing for consumers, yet given Microsoft’s conduct Sony would be insane to resist matching them tactically. Moreover, Sony did not fuck their approach up anywhere near as bad Microsoft.

Let's all hold our breath and find out!
Will we see a Lost Odyssey 2 on Xbone?

Phil Spencer Promises JRPGs For Xbone

At the beginning of the seventh console generation Microsoft managed to significantly disrupt the JRPG landscape by securing several high profile JRPGs as console exclusives – some of these games were wholly funded by Microsoft as the publisher, while others were bought off. All this came to an end when the Xbox 360 failed to gain ground in Japan and Microsoft stopped chasing the market. Now it would seem that the tiny fringe minority of gamers who enjoy JRPGs but only have an Xbone are making their voices heard to the big cheese of Xbox.

The amazing thing about these sort of exchanges is how even the most unpromising of vague affirmations are able to engender such hope and speculation among the admittedly small minds of Xboners. When Phil Spencer was questioned on Twitter about the likelihood of bringing JRPGs to the Xbone console, he responded with something fittingly open-ended:

You will see JPRGs on XBOX One.

This apparently gave leave to Phil’s followers to indulge themselves in flights of fancy about all the exclusive JRPGs that would be coming to the Xbone:

I really hope to see XB1 get some exclusive JRPGS, wouldn’t care if they were small downloads. Please work with Itagaki and MW again

These Xboners may have wished to temper their expectations however, as it would seem that Microsoft nolonger has any dealings with Mistwalker:

I haven’t talked to Sakaguchi-san or MW in awhile.

It was this revelation which led to an excellent piece of advice from Twitter user, Gerardo Ramirez Arme:

please don’t…they don’t need to make another game that won’t sell because of the system. T_T poor LostOdy

Indeed. Microsoft consoles are no place for exclusive JRG content, especially with the Xbox One doing even worse than the 360 in Japan – but hey, with Costume Quest 2, and Pier Solar HD released for the console, and Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III still to come there is going to be literally ones and twos of unforgettable JRPG experiences for Xboners to enjoy!


  1. The voices of oppression have always dressed themselves up in the tinsil of progressivism before they set about trying to dismantle all culture, art, and humour which doesn’t fit their narrow, exclusionary worldview. Remember that even the most notorious movements were, at their inception, trying to represent themselves as a force for moral good: the Nazis expended a lot of effort (successfully) in convincing people that national socialism represented a progressive force that would yield significant liberties and prosperity, in addition to moral (and biological) betterment for the German people.

    And that turned out well.

  2. I love the way that the gaming press dismiss Jack Thompson as a whack job and then turn around and hang on Sarkeesian’s every word, when they are essentially saying the exact same thing – the only difference being that one is right-wing authoritarian while the other is left-wing authoritarian.

    The cognitive dissonance must be astounding.

  3. I was initially going to say “But surely Lost Odyssey sold well on the 360 in the West, where people actually bought that console.”

    But nope, the game sold through just north of 400k worldwide if wikipedia is to be believed. I’m betting for a project as expensive as it was, that wasn’t enough.

    On the bright side, if MS were to somehow goad some studio into releasing a JRPG on the Bone, it will probably do as most “exclusives” do these days and show up elsewhere at a later date.

  4. Cool. I guess Australia managed to solve the rape problem that has plagued humanity for thousands of years by banning a game that was released in 2013.

    Even for this type of extreme feminism, you’d think they’d have a bigger fish to fry than a videogame. One that most people who would play it, have already. This sounds more like a publicity grab for than any type of win for a cause.

    While they’re at it, they should get Target and Kmart to ban Custer’s Revenge. Remember all of the rape that game caused? If only they were around in the 80’s, imagine what they could have prevented!

    This is a job for Feminists with Time Machines! Destroy patriarchy! Save the future!

  5. “…you’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry than a videogame.”

    Ultimately, this is were I stand, which is largely why I avoid conversation about that gate which will not be named. I think it’s an absurd way to approach things, and it follows the same logic of treating a common cold by yelling at a runny nose. Gender inequality and violence are both issues that extend well beyond the reach of gaming, and need to be tackled at the source by instilling empathy and humanistic values in future generations. Treat the sickness, not the symptom, so to speak.

  6. This really isn’t about anything more than the exercise of power. Any claims loftier than that are just window dressing for spite.

  7. I think that often enough the people who lead these sorts of petitions and protests don’t fully believe in the argument they put forth. That is to say, they’re rightfully angry about violence against women and its attendant consumer imagery, but are as aware as we are that the logical pretext put forth connecting the two is bullshit. But they have put themselves out there as Social Justice Warriors* and need a good mark on their credibility resume for actually having accomplished something. Getting GTA V off the shelves of a couple major retailers makes a herd of people feel good about having done something (even though it’s ultimately frivolous) while giving one or more movement leaders a swollen bean to rub off while they fantasize about their next move, but only the unfortunately fragile-minded believe or have faith that some real miracle occurred.

    Politicians of the establishment have been getting themselves off on manipulating people’s emotions since the beginning of the game, and anti-establishment play the same game with the same rules but different cards. So it’s not really about legislating morality for the person at the top of the scheme**; paraphrasing Frank Reynolds***, there are dupers and dupees, the dupers make the money and/or gain the recognition while the dupees have fun being a part of something for a little while.

    *It strikes me now how reminiscent and consonant this moniker is to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and so on, which may be intended to appeal to, you know, certain demographics. There is a lot of subconscious manipulation going on.

    **”Nicole Survivor” is of course meant to conjure up “rape survivor” and its attendant sympathy, but there’s also a bit of an übermensch or superhero thing happening with taking on an alias like that. It also reminds me of how Puritans would take on names like Praisegod and straightedge/vegan punks take on their band name (like “Mike Crisis” or something).

    ***See …Sunny In Philadelhpia episode 902 I believe, “Gun Fever II: Still Hot.” The characters of Frank and Dennis Reynolds often engage in and expound upon their different forms of manipulative behavior.

  8. Dancing Matt’s comment reminds me why we hired him once, even though he didn’t have any time at all.

    I wish he had time.

  9. Thank you very much, but I realized that I’m way too inconsistent and like my soul too much to be an employee. I did really appreciate the opportunity and would love to fill in on a podcast again if ever the need should arise.

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