Editorial: Xbox Indie Games Round-Up, Vol. 3

It is that time of the week again! Time for me to sink even lower into my depression and wonder why I stay alive for another day. Every day is a struggle. ENJOY! As always these “reviews” are made completely biased and without actually playing the games in question.

I still do not understand how this is even a game.
How about ‘Delete this crappy game’ instead?

Prank Call 2

In this game the player is supposed to get the other players to say a word? Even the game’s description is vague about how the player actually achieves this goal. I cannot tell if the people the player is trying to “prank” know they are playing, or if they are just random Xbox Live users the player is matched up with. I do not even know how trying to trick someone into saying a random word is a “prank.” Nobody even mentions Prince Albert or his can! Kids these days need to learn how to properly prank someone. Actually, instead learn how to make a decent game for me to review. At least then I will have some glimmer of hope in my sad, dark world.

Garbage Factor:Crank Yankers/3
Age of Developer:Probably 15. Trust me. 15-year-olds are the WORST at prank calling.
Development Time:Probably like a week to think of the HILARIOUS words to “prank” someone with.

Honestly, I did not even see all the boners until I posted this picture. Sorry!
So… many… boners…

Mount Your Friends

Haha, see it is funny because there are naked guys wrestling and they have boners! Hahahaha so funny! Guys! Guys! Did you see all the boners! Can you even believe we fit so many boners into this game! This game could be call Boner Your Boner, am I right? Guys! Did you hear my “boner” joke! I said, “This game should be calling Boner Your Boner!” Haha I am so funny. Boners. Seriously, I do not even know what one would do in this game. I just cannot get past all the boners.

Garbage Factor:Boner/3
Age of Developer:Boner years old.
Development Time:How long does a boner last? Five hours? That is what the pill says, right?

I just cannot place my finger on why this looks so familiar!
I fell like I have seen this before somewhere….

CastleMiner Z

Hmmm. This looks really familiar. I just cannot place where I have seen this game before. It is almost as if someone took Minecraft and combined it with Call of Duty. Oh, wait. That is EXACTLY what these people did. The whole time I was playing Minecraft I wished that I had guns and the whole time I played Call of Duty I wished that I was building things and exploring caves, so this is perfect for me! Me and anyone who has gone through botched brain surgery! The fact that the “developers” added the Xbox Live avatars makes it even better, because they totally do not match up with the art style at all and do not look out of place whatsoever. This game is NOT dumb as heck at all! Can you sense all the sarcasm in these statements?


  1. Whoa at Angry Boners or whatever that is. Amazed that made it onto Xbone Marketplace.

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