Editorial Miscellany: Exhausted

But seriously, what's with the super-macho stuff?
Clakka clakka who cares?

Hi there, kind LusiSprites. I have to say that after a very hectic and stressful few weeks spent getting my new project off the ground, this place is a sight for sore eyes. Writing, shooting, and editing might take up a lot of time, but exposing myself to the public on a daily basis in video form is simply exhausting. Despite this week probably being busier and more stressful than the last, I ended up playing more video games, so at least I have a few things to talk about.

Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

As somebody who tried and failed to get into Valkyria Chronicles and as somebody who has a difficult time getting into turn-based strategy RPGs in general, I do not think that Code Name S.T.E.A.M. is the game that is going to convert me based on the demo. With super-gruff voices and decidedly un-steampunk music, I am too annoyed with the presentation to give the gameplay a real shot. So instead…

I re-downloaded Fire Emblem: Awakening

I know that the biggest reason why I have never liked SRPGs is because I tend to try and play them like standard RPGs and I never took the time nor put in the effort to learn the actual strategy that the genre requires. My youngest brother is a huge Fire Emblem fan and does not particularly like the 3DS entry because he does not feel it is hardcore enough, but that makes me think that it is the perfect entry for me to start to like the genre. I already gave it a go a few years ago, but again, I do not think I was putting in the proper effort. So here is to one more attempt.

Smash Strategy

No no, I am not talking about fighting strategy, but rather the strategy to be able to play this game more by getting my girlfriend into it. I knew she had the skill in her, it was just a matter of breaking past the barrier of entry, but finally after having friends over, buying Amiibo, and being a general nuisance, she has come around. As Wario, she has really found her groove and is giving me trouble with my third tier characters already.

But so far pretty miserable dialogue.
Beautiful cutscenes.

Gaming Panic

So on Sunday night, I had finished my work for the evening and some late night plans that I had got cancelled, so I got excited when I realized that I finally had a few hours to myself to really sink into a video game. Of course, I caved from the pressure and played at least six different games, constantly switching between titles to make sure I did not waste my free time. As everybody knows, the one way to truly waste gaming time is to not actually play any games. Great job, Ethos.


Is it out yet?

Zelda for Wii U

Is it out yet?

Star Fox for Wii U

Is it out yet?


Is it out yet?

Final Fantasy Type-0

Is it out yet?



I think that is it

I am spent. Apologies for the shorter article this week, but I need to go crawl in a hole for a few days. But if any of you want to deliver some chocolate to me, we can hang out and play Pokémon Stadium 2 mini-games until we kill each other or pass out.

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  1. Valkyria Chronicles is far better than Codname STEAM could ever be.

    Bloodborne, Type-0, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Axiom Verge, coming…!

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