TSM Episode 314: The Grapefruit Review

From ''Songs of Innocence and Experience'', by William Blake
A Grapefruit Tree

Download: Produced 2015.03.08

Having had his pizza time foiled by SiliconNooB, Lusipurr aims for something slightly more continental: grapefruit and apple fritters. But America’s lack of little juice tins, and increasing love for pink grapefruit, are impediments to his delectation.


  1. Breaking update: England are knocked out of the World Cup, having been beaten by Bangladesh, after losing against every other opponent they have faced, save Scotland. England now go to a dead rubber against Afghanistan before returning home, having failed to progress beyond the first stage of the tournament.

  2. @Rabid: That looks about right, although the kind we had was VERY generic (i.e. not Donald Duck). It was a blue label which had a picture of a grapefruit and yellow lettering that said GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. There was also a picture of a grapefruit.

    More astonishing by far is that there is a CAN MUSEUM.

  3. I know I had the fruit juice barrels before at friend’s houses.

  4. The next podcast reading really should be something from Discworld in memory of Terry Pratchett.

  5. @DiceAdmiral: I am considering it, but I do not want to rush into a judgement about our relatively far-off reading based upon the emotional impact of the moment. We’ll see what works best at the time.

    That said, The Colour of Magic was always at the top of the list.

  6. Info Blast Misses Two Weeks and Buys a House

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:

    Upcoming Features
    All completed!

    Phil Harrison Leaves Microsoft

    Maxis is ‘Fine Now’ Permanently


    Xenoblade Chronicles X coming this summer

    Shovel Knight coming to more consoles

    Axium Verge coming march 31

    FF XIV coming to Macs

    Rock Band 4

    Overrun, outlast, night watch?

    Sakaguchi against spin-offs

    20.2 Million PS4s sold

    VR at GDC

    Half Life for VR

    Bup Talk
    GDC/PAX announcement that most looking forward to.

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice

    Prediction: Claudia is not long for this world. She’s going to do something dumb and the other Vampires are going to kill her.

    I really appreciated your analysis after this chapter Lusi. I hadn’t really been thinking about the running themes so much as the plot.

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    I bought a house. That ate up so much of my time that I missed the last two Info Blasts.
    I played Carcasonne, but I’ve covered that before I think.

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    I moved into said house

    Final Notes
    Sorry for the missed weeks. Purchasing a domicile tends to eat up a lot of time and that doesn’t end when you move in because of all of the work that needs to be done. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m not even close to done. I’m painting this weekend because the living area has hideous dusty rose colored walls. Hopefully I can return to more regular updates in the near future.

    Final Quotes
    “Popular in Germany”

    From previous 2 episodes:
    “Squillions of dollars”
    “An Instrument for National Mourning” possible header quote?
    “Get him a grater so he can make it fine” Classic. I want to see a picture of Chris P. with a pile of grated cheese with the label “It’s Fine Now”.

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