TSM Episode 315: Zestria by the Tonne

Available in many shades of off-white!
Now available for immediate shipping!

Download: Produced 2015.03.15

Everything is coming up Zestria when SiliconNooB, Bup, and Lusipurr discuss new LusipurrCom merchandising (including a Schadenfreude Clock, now on sale) and a greater focus on charitable giving (Zestria in very large quantities, shipped by freight).


  1. One wonders if it is possible to order several tons of old newspapers?

  2. I would not mind an ff5 playthrough. Earlier in the year I started the psone classic version, and as described, the translation is not great. However, it is unintentionally hilarious, and I think it would be fun if everyone doing the playthrough would post their “favorite” horrible quotes if they are playing the psone classics version. It is almost bordering on MST3K levels of ridiculousness.

    If the masses do not agree on this game, I think another good idea would be a Type 0 playthrough, maybe? I purchased it yesterday, and it definitely has a different tone than previous final fantasy games. Also, any opinions on the FFXV demo?

  3. Fumunshu: Thanks for the heads-up. I had not considered a farcical look at FF5’s PSX translation, but that seems like a great idea. I’m (almost) sold! Karl Boss and Y Burns are cringe-worthy, but the actual script itself wavers between “cartoonishly good” and “hahahahorrible!”.

    A Type-0 Playthrough might be good excepting that it is full price and we try to wait until things are available cheaply just so that everyone will either have the game or can purchase it at a low price (the rationale being that if someone is just buying it to play with us, we don’t want them to spend a lot of money on it).

    That said, maybe we can arrange a–well, no. Let me think about that idea before I say it. :)

    You’ll be hearing a LOT of what I think about FFXV Episode Duscae on the next podcast. I’ve played quite a bit of it and have come to some conclusions (some generalisations of which I posted on twitter today in an exchange with Ethos).

  4. Info Blast Prepares for Imminent Cat Emigration

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:

    Zestria Block
    This is cheaper than I’d expected 50lbs of salt Zestria to be. It’s so affordable. BAM.
    *Nevermind, the shipping is 7x the price of the item itself*

    New Merch
    Schadentreude Clock
    That is awesome. I have no idea where I’d put it though.

    Star Citizen is a game that’s coming out… what?
    More crowd funding shenanigans I guess. The ‘game’ as it exists currently looks decent, but I won’t really invest any interest until it actually releases and is surveyed by people who get paid to do that kind of thing (or volunteers)

    Tim Schafer. Oh shit
    I never played the original, so I have basically no investment here.

    3DS sales for Feb: 395K. Up 130%
    Is anyone surprised that a console refresh and Zelda sells a crap-ton of systems?

    Titanfall 2
    It’s a smart move to expand the console spread for this series. My impression of the first game, as an outsider, was that it dried up rather quickly before its life could be extended. Maybe having a stronger user base will mean more content for players.

    Terry Pratchett Passes at 66
    Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.
    The End.

    I’d prefer Going Postal over The Color of Magic. Silicon Noob is right, the books mostly just get better as you go. Starting with the Watch books might also be a good starting place.

    This might be helpful in choosing a novel.

    The Color of Magic is actually Octarine, “a greenish-yellow purple colour”.

    Bup Talk
    Axium Verge, Type 0, BloodBorne, Xenoblade 3DS

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice

    “Her Tah-Feta dress”
    I thought that this story was winding down, but it’s getting more complicated first. I’m excited to see where this goes. I did not expect the whole Madeline thing.

    Breaking News
    Mortal Kombat 10 region locked multiplayer (no link, non-story)
    I think Lusi is right. Wait and see on this.

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    I played more Mice & Mystics, which I’ll not describe again, but I also played “Paint your house” and “Fix your roof after a wind storm knocks a neighbor’s tree over onto it”
    I don’t recommend that later 2 but the first is still fun.

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    I traveled to a nearby town to pick up a custom built cat tree for my cats which will be moving in this weekend. It’s pretty nice.

    Final Notes
    I’d rather play something more interesting than FFV. Maybe we can find something a bit more off of the beaten path? I know Ethos is playing Radiant Historia. Maybe that? I’d be up to play that again.

    Final Quotes
    “Good on your chips”
    “A deluxe poo”

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for end of year drawing: 4

  5. I’d prefer Going Postal over The Color of Magic. Silicon Noob is right, the books mostly just get better as you go. Starting with the Watch books might also be a good starting place.

    I would also prefer Going Postal or one of the Watch books. Night Watch is amazing.

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