Editorial: Xbox Indie Games Round-Up, Vol. 6

Welcome, dear friends. Welcome to another article about possibly the worst games ever created by man. Some argue that these games were actually created by alien entities looking to overthrow humanity. Some argue that these games were created eons ago by the old gods. Which of these scenarios is true? Who cares? These games are horrible anyway.

I'm talking about a carrot penis.
That’s not all I want to put on the snowman hehehehehehe

Ask My Avatar Winter

This is a game in which the player answers questions. Seriously, that is it. The player just walks around as their Xbox Live Avatar and answers questions nobody cares about. Then the player does other winter-theme activities that one can just do by going outside. So, essentially this game is just school during the winter. Not really something that anybody would, or should, want to play. The fact that the developer of this game is actually charging for it is ridiculous. If I wanted to answers a million questions while someone throws snowballs at me I would just talk to my mother for the first time in ten years!

Garbage Factor: I miss my family/3
Age of Developer: I ran away from home because my mom would not allow me to jump on my bed.
Development Time: It has been ten years. Please help me.

I wonder if that skull is angry because it isn't eating a pumpkin...
Pumpkins: a wizard’s best friend.


As with most of these games the description makes the jokes for me. So I am just going to quote the description and wait for the inevitable laughter from our readers. Also, because I am lazy. This is actually the game’s description: “Karsus Is an arcade adventure game. Story:Karsus find a magic book on his exposition.When he return at home,a storm strike with full force and drop his book in a cave.Jelp him to found the magic book.” Wow. Just wow.

Garbage Factor: “Jelp”/3
Age of Developer: “Karsus find a magic book…”
Development Time: “When he return at home, a storm strike…”

I wonder if the developer of this game has ever played Pokemon...
Gotta crap ’em all! Indiemon!

Indiemon Battleground

Okay, so first off: this game is NOT a ripoff of Pokemon. Forget that it involves the player collecting, training, and battling monsters against opponents. Forget that pretty much all of the monster’s art looks exactly like a thirteen-year-old drew his favorite Pokemon in his school notebook. Forget that there are also 150 monsters to collect just like the first Pokemon game. Wait. Wait a second. This is exactly like Pokemon! What the heck is going on here?! Does Nintendo know about this? Probably not, because this is a crappy Xbox Live Indie Arcade game that nobody will ever play in the first place. However, I cannot wait until Nintendo finds out about this and has to go to court with the kid who created Indiemon Battlegrounds.

Garbage Factor: How much will Nintendo sue this kid for?/3
Age of Developer: Look at the art. 15 at the most.
Development Time: Years upon years of playing/drawing Pokemon. Like a day to program.


  1. Frankly, I’m just glad that he’s playing these. It makes me feel like there is justice for the Buptalk.

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