TSM Episode 318: Eastertides of War

Eventually to be replaced with 'Lusipurr the Destroyer', twice as tall, with one hand holding a book, and the other hand upraised with a mace ready to strike.
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Download: Produced 2015.04.05

A twenty-three week reading concludes with SiliconNooB and Imitanis in attendance. Lusipurr imposes further sanctions as the Zestria War grinds ahead, and then dispenses helpful advice to hardware developers about what to leave out of console development.


  1. “With the NX’s orthodontic controller, we are greeted with an involuntary grimace akin to something we might see on the faces of kills in the Joker’s trophy room, largely brought on by the fetid mouthfeel and lack in potassium from virtual bananas.” – my future NX review.

  2. Info Blast Moves to Westphalia

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:Bup

    Upcoming Feature
    FFV Playthrough
    I won’t be participating in this one. Sorry guys.

    OnLive Shutdown
    What was OnLive again?
    Oh, that thing.

    Playstation Home Shutdown
    What was Playstation Home again?
    Oh, that thing. My only knowledge of it is THIS.

    DeNA expects to generate 25 million per month
    Another relevant Penny Arcade:LINK (or Samus rather)

    Nintendo Direct
    I’m glad to see him return. It sucks that he’s DLC, but I always preferred Lucas over Ness. I preferred his specials (PK Freeze aside) over Ness’.

    Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
    I’ve only played two SMT games (Overclocked and Strange Journey), but I think that this pairing has quite a bit of potential. SMT always seemed to care a lot about the rock paper scissors element thing, and that would work really well in a Fire Emblem type setting.

    N64 and DS games come to Virtual Console
    Neat. It’s been ages since I bought anything from the VC or eShop though and I can’t really imagine doing so at this point.

    Blood Born Bug
    Memory Leaks are serious. I’m surprised that this just causes the bosses to act funny and doesn’t crash the system. The PS4 must have some sort of protections in place. Impressive.

    Senior System Designer Leaves Bungee for Bethesda
    “It’ll be buggy and low on content!” Sounds about right.

    Bup Talk
    Best Bup Talk Ever.

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice

    While it’s sad to end a book, that was pretty satisfying. I’m very interested in reading The Vampire Lestat and finding out what happens to the interviewer. I think that sticking to a one book per series rule is good, but I don’t think that it should always be the first book. Discworld is the perfect example: The Color of Magic is really a pretty poor intro to the series.

    Donate a buck, might win a book
    A Reading Raffle
    Congrats to the winners! (And especially me)
    I look forward to reading the inscription!
    Thanks Lusipurr.com!

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    This week I got about an hour into Code Name S.T.E.A.M. It’s almost exactly what I thought it would be. It reminds me a lot of X-COM except that it’s a lot more light-hearted. It’s a turn based strategy game with mechanics for things like line of sight and overwatch (An action that you can take on an opponents’ turn if you prepare for it).

    I’ve enjoyed the game so far, but I also agree with the most common complaint that the alien turns take too long. I can kind of see why they do it that way (your units can spot aliens while they move), but the game could probably just skip the time it takes to move aliens that you can’t see (and there are a lot of those). I’ll update more as I play more.

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    No travel this week, but after the last Info Blast I did drive 6 hours round trip for some brisket. I only mention this because Lusi was a bit incensed about my 2 hour trip for pizza. It was also a special occasion though, so there’s that I guess.

    Final Notes
    Very strong podcast this week guys. Keep up the good work.

    Final Quotes
    “It’s a penance, it really is.”

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for end of year drawing: 4

  3. @DiceAdmiral: “FFV Playthrough. I won’t be participating in this one. Sorry guys.”

    “I preferred his specials (PK Freeze aside) over Ness’.”

    “Memory Leaks are serious. I’m surprised that this just causes the bosses to act funny and doesn’t crash the system.”
    We do not actually know that it is a memory leak proper–that was simply the speculation at the time. It may be something else (I suspect it could be a problem with the RNG design for boss attacks).

    “Best Bup Talk Ever.”
    It has the virtue of being the clearest.

    “This week I got about an hour into Code Name S.T.E.A.M.”
    You played a VIDEO GAME!?

    “I did drive 6 hours round trip for some brisket.”
    Imagine the carbon footprint for that brisket! Holy moly!

    “Keep up the good work.”
    Back to the same old crap next week.

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