Editorial Miscellany: Sick It

Nice lady.
I have met Elsenova.

I am sick today and out of words and ideas. Here are games I played this week.

Axiom Verge

Even before Lusipurr’s lovely review of Axiom Verge, I was planning on buying this game. Similarly to Bloodborne in which I had never played its predecessors, I am essentially a newbie when it comes to the Metroid and Castlevania series’. I have played just a little of Metroid Prime and all of Metroid: Other M (which hardly counts) and that is it, really. But although Bloodborne is handing my ass to me, I do not mind discovering it at its pace. I am in no rush to review it (in fact, I do not plan to write reviews at all any more), and so I can treat these games – to some extent – as I did when I was younger. I will not run to the internet, and I will not mind if I do not collect everything the first time or if I die over and over again. Good games stand on their own, and I cannot wait for this late introduction to a storied genre. Just like Bloodborne will likely cause me to circle back and play Miyazaki’s other two games, I expect Axiom Verge to launch me (finally) on my Metroidvania path.

Oh, because yes, I like the game quite a bit so far. I am only one boss, three weapons, and one health upgrade in though, so I am very much still a baby. I was just playing it today in an effort to put off all the writing I had to do.

Woah Dave!

I do not download every PSPlus title any more, but this had two player capabilities, so I added it to the queue. I have not tried out its multiplayer yet, but I spent about three minutes with it today and, well, I have already played Snow Bros. Pass!

Or any sex scenes, really.
We are disappointed in the lack of tasteful sex scenes.

Resident Evil 5

Speaking of multiplayer, I do not even know why I have a copy of this game, because I am fairly certain that I never paid for even a used copy of it, but Caileigh and I were in the mood for something multiplayer and not Nintendo over the weekend, and this seemed to fit perfectly. I have been playing through Bloodborne and Resident Evil 4 respectively while she watches (we tend to take turns playing and watching over the weekends) and while those games are great at worst, I wanted something a bit more schlocky. And for that, Resident Evil 5 is great. Caileigh beat Resident Evil 4 before I started playing it and it did not take very long for her to start wondering why Resident Evil 5 was so much worse. To me, it indicates the time when Japanese developers really started to become obsessed with making games aimed at Americans. Appropriately and frustratingly, this meant dumbed down stories and gameplay.

But, while it knocks down Resident Evil a few pegs in terms of it being a respected name, the game in a vacuum is exactly the sort of Gears of War-esque shlock that we were looking for. Shooting zombies in the face, trying to stay alive, arguing over who gets ammo. It is not a shining example of game design, but it is a great local activity for two.

And, right now, just now in this very moment, I have remembered the game that Caileigh was trying to get me to remember over the weekend. She did not know the name, but she remembered me talking about a multiplayer co-op adventure game and at the time I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Now, however, I will have this article to remind me that it is Trine 2. I suppose that will be up next once we slog our way through Resident Evil 5.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

I am not going to write about this game, remember?!

Defender’s Quest 2

How long does it take them to make one mediocre sequel?

I suppose I cannot talk

#LFoPD #SadRyan

Final Thoughts

What a pathetic excuse for an Editorial Miscellany this has been, dear LusiTrouts. Some days, words just fly past me and despite all my desperate efforts, the only ones I can feebly catch are like the sort in this article. What have you all been playing and what do you all think about those games that you have been playing? Word count.


  1. “I will not run to the internet, and I will not mind if I do not collect everything the first time or if I die over and over again.”

    When I was playing the game and found myself occasionally stuck, Thea would often ask, “Why not just look it up on the internet?” to which my reply was, “And let someone else play the game? And rob me the feeling of accomplishment when I figure it out myself?” And boy did it feel good when I figured it out or took a break and came back and said, ‘Oh! how obvious!’

    You won’t die over and over again. It’s quite easy on normal: on par with Super Metroid.

    Stop being sick, or I will send you a box of angry eels.

  2. Yeah, I’ve only died three times so far, and all three were because of bosses and my inexperience with the genre / my laziness fighting the bosses. I can’t believe there used to be a time when I would play games with the FAQ sitting open next to me.

    Hm, but what if I WANT a box of angry eels? I owe you a package first, but I’m waiting for something to complete first so I can send two things at once.

  3. Watching everyone else be able to play Axiom Verge and Bloodborne is giving me an idea of how Ariel felt when all she wanted was legs.

  4. @Ethos: “I can’t believe there used to be a time when I would play games with the FAQ sitting open next to me.”

    The folly of youth! We now know better.

  5. @Java – Right there with you. Reading about Axiom is bringing me back to beating Metroid: Zero Mission in a moving car. Not exactly a console-purchasing title though.

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